Eva Amurri And Fiancé Ian Hock Recreate Their Paris Engagement

Eva Amurri relived one of her happiest memories with her three children. Sharing the sweet family moment on Instagram, the actress, 37, explained what led her and fiancé Ian Hock to reenact their Parisian engagement for her little ones — sons Mateo, 2, and Major, 6, and daughter Marlowe, 8, whom she shares with ex-husband and former pro soccer player Kyle Martino.

Our Engagement With The Children The two older children kept asking me if I thought Ian would pop the question in Paris for weeks before our vacation, Amurri, a blogger and the maker of the Happily Eva After clothing line, said in the caption.

“Marlowe, in particular, has been pleading with me for a wedding for more than a year, and she recently informed me, ‘I think it’s gonna happen in Paris, mum!’ If he gives you the ring, you must phone me immediately,” she recalled.

Eva Amurri And Fiancé Ian Hock Recreate Their Paris Engagement

Susan Sarandon and Franco Amurri’s daughter Amurri claimed that after Hock proposed, they called the children, who were “SO excited” to hear the news.

“They wanted to know all the details. We told time we’d redo it for them when they came home,” she wrote.

According to the video’s captioning, Amurri displays images of the Paris park where the proposal occurred to the children. Mateo and Marlowe sit on a small couch behind the pair as Hock gets down on one knee.

Amurri says yes, and the two climb on them while they share a kiss. Just before the video concludes, Major joins in.

“This morning, we relived our engagement with our three favorite people all over again, and it was so dreamy. This engagement isn’t just ours, but theirs as well,” she captioned. “Feeling so grateful for this love.”

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