Who Is Erin French Husband? Exploring Her Beautiful Family!

Erin French is a chef and author who you may know from her show The Lost Kitchen on the Magnolia Network, but she has been in the food business for a very long time. Her daily life is documented on her Instagram profile, which has more than 157K followers. This includes more than just what goes on behind the scenes at her restaurant in Maine.

Fans of the chef have seen that Erin frequently shares a mysterious man on her Instagram account in addition to food-related images. Who is Erin French’s husband? Here is all the information we have on her family.

Erin French Husband

Michael Dutton, Erin French’s devoted spouse, and she are currently married. He apparently works as a strategist for business growth and an expert in new content. On the dating site match.com, French and Dutton first connected.

After getting to know one another for a while, they started dating and made the decision to get closer. The wedding took place in 2018. Since that time, Erin and Michael have supported one another through all phases of their life.

In an Instagram post from Aug. 24, 2021, Erin wrote a sweet shoutout to her husband, Michael Dutton, for the couple’s third anniversary: “Celebrating three years of wedded bliss with my best friend. I already love you beyond all words. And the crazy thing is that my love for you just keeps growing exponentially every day. You root me on, you lift me up, and you’ve given this girl wings to fly and a runway to spread them.”

She continued, “You let me be me, and you love me just like that. To find good honest love with you, to work side by side with you, to build this good simple life with you, is my greatest joy and honor. Babe! Here’s to that one online wink that brought us together!!! Happy anniversary!”

How Many Kids Does Erin French Have?

Erin and her husband are not parents. The chef does, however, have a child from a previous marriage with the name Jaim, which is a play on the French word Je t’aime, which translates to “I love u.” Erin was the sole caregiver for her son.

Erin French Husband

Furthermore, Erin frequently posts photos of herself with her son on Instagram. She wished Jaim a happy 17th birthday on September 11, 2019, writing, “Wow how time flies. Hard to believe my one and only turned 17 today. Happy birthday to my dear, sweet, kind, and magical Jaim!”

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Who Is Erin French?

American author and chef Erin French. She is the proprietor of the well-known 40-seat restaurant The Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine.
In 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, she was a finalist for the James Beard Award for Best Chef in America. Magnolia Network airs the television series The Lost Kitchen.

Erin French returned to her hometown after giving birth and eventually found employment in the food industry, having worked at her father’s cafe since she was a little child. She quickly started planning parties and covert suppers at her flat. In her hometown of Freedom, Maine, Erin French opened The Lost Kitchen in 2014 after gaining a sizable following for her cuisine.

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