Enola Holmes 3 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

Millie Bobby Brown used her detective skills again in the Netflix show Enola Holmes 2, which was based on the YA mystery books by Nancy Springer. The sequel premiered on the streaming giant on November 4 and Enola — the younger sister of quick-witted detective Sherlock Holmes — immediately springs into action with her new detective agency. After a rough start, Enola’s first case is to find a girl who ran away after she was accused of stealing.

Enola Holmes 2 debuted as the number-one movie in the United States during its premiere week and fans are already wondering if there will be a third film in the franchise. Luckily, we’re here to crack the case. Below, we look at everything we know so far about a possible third Enola Holmes book.

Is Enola Holmes 3 Happening?

Netflix hasn’t said for sure that there will be a third Enola Holmes movie.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date
Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

However, on November 2, MBB shared her hopes for another installment. The actress told Screen Rant, “I’d love to be in another one.” “I would love to see [Enola Holmes] do more cases, be put under pressure, be put in crazy situations, make her feel vulnerable again. I absolutely love seeing her back at work.”

Release Date: When Will Enola Holmes 3 Come Out?

Since the movie hasn’t been officially announced, it’s hard to say when it will come out. But we do know that the first Enola Holmes movie came out in September 2020 and the second one in November 2022.

If everything goes according to plan, the third Enola Holmes film could be released in the second half of 2024.

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Plot: What Would Happen In Enola Holmes 3?

The Enola Holmes movies are based on the book series by Nancy Springer, but they don’t follow the books’ plots exactly. Instead, they take ideas from them. So, even though there is a third book in the series called The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets, it’s not clear what the third movie would be about.

But the ending of Enola Holmes 2 set up some interesting plot points for a third movie. In the end, Enola and Lord Tewkesbury make clear that they love each other and are in a relationship and a scene after the credits shows how they met. This unexpected scene makes it look like a third movie might be in the works.

Cast: Who Would Star In Enola Holmes 3?

Millie Bobby Brown would have to come back as the main detective, of course. It’s also likely that Henry Cavill would come back as her brother Sherlock Holmes, Helena Bonham Carter would come back as her mother Eudora Holmes, Louis Partridge would come back as Tewkesbury, Susan Wokoma would come back as Edith, Adeel Akhtar would come back as Lestrade, Himesh Patel would come back as Dr. Watson, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster would come back as Moriarty.

Enola Holmes 3 cast

ICYMI, Sam Claflin played Mycroft Holmes, Enola’s and Sherlock’s brother, in the first Enola Holmes movie. He didn’t make an appearance in the sequel, but we *still* hope to see his return in a third film.

“It was a shame Sam couldn’t be in this one. “If there was a sequel, we’d love to have him back,” director Harry Bradbeer told Collider in an interview in November 2022.

Enola Holmes 2 Trailer

Here you can enjoy the Enola Holmes 2 trailer.

Final Lines

This is all guesswork since there has been no official news about a third movie. In an interview with ScreenRant, Millie Bobby Brown said that she was looking forward to a new movie where Enola has to deal with tougher cases. So do we, Millie. So do we. Hope this information is useful for you. if so drop your comment below. Regularly check our homepage Nog Magazine.com for related updates.


Where did they film Enola Holmes 2?

Kingston upon Hull was used for most of the filming of Enola Holmes 2. With its Victorian architecture, this old town was perfect for making the show feel like it was set in that time. The facades and atmosphere of 41-43 High Street, Scale Lane Bridge, Bishop Lane, Chapel Lane, the Land of Green Ginger, the Guildhall, and a lot of Kingston upon Hull’s old town center were used in the movie.

How old is the girl in Enola Holmes?

The Enola Holmes Mysteries is a series of detective novels for young adults written by American author Nancy Springer. Enola Holmes, the main character, is the 14-year-old sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes, who is 20 years older than her. The series has seven books, all of which were written between 2006 and 2021.

What happens in Enola Holmes?

In the movie, Enola goes to London to find her missing mother, but she ends up on a thrilling adventure with a runaway lord. Together, they try to solve a mystery that threatens the whole country. In addition to Brown, Sam Claflin, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham Carter also star in the movie.