Encanto Family Tree: Who Are The Mardigal’s Members?

Disney’s “Encanto” is a delightful addition to their library. Magic and whimsy abound in Disney Animation Studio’s 60th feature picture. Through mysterious origins, unknown settings and an assortment of coincidental magical abilities, it succeeds in creating a wholly immersive experience.

The film is filled with lovely moments, but they all belong to the Madrigals. It’s clear from the opening credits that the Madrigal family will be the film’s focus. But while they’re in the limelight, it might be challenging to keep track of all the characters whose names are being mentioned and whose abilities are being detailed. In the film’s opening minutes, the family’s granddaughter, Mirabel, sings a fast-paced song in which she lists off generation after generation of relatives and their unique powers.

You may watch the film without being familiar with the characters’ special abilities. However, for those who like to comprehend what’s going on, it can be challenging to keep up with the who’s who of Columbia’s most exemplary magical family as they attempt to save their family home from destruction while also trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

While watching the film or discussing it afterward, we have compiled a list of all Madrigal family members, sorted by generation, below. View the complete “Encanto” Madrigal family tree here!

Abuela Alma and Abuelo Pedro

With great pride, Alma Madrigal serves as the family patriarch. From the beginning, it is clear that Abuela Alma has had a torturous existence. She begins her life with the charming Pedro Madrigal, but their romance is cut short shortly after the birth of their triplets. This occurs because Pedro gives his life so that his loved ones and the people in his community have more time to get away from a band of marauders. As a result of the terrifying occurrence, the magical mountains and Casa Madrigal were born.

encanto family tree
Encanto family tree

The actual Abuela lacks any special abilities. At least she isn’t blessed with any showy talent. It’s astonishing enough that the grandmother has been the unwavering leader of her extended family and the town for half a century. Not to mention that the magnitude of her sorrow over the loss of her husband appears to have a direct bearing on how the family’s candle and the environment it generates are magically altered. Even though Alma seems to be a solemn and reserved leader, she possesses innate magical abilities.

Julieta and Agustín

Julieta is the eldest daughter of Abuela Alma. Even though she’s only a few seconds more senior than her brothers, Julieta exudes a motherly vibe thanks to her unique talent. When someone eats the meal that Julieta makes, they will be healed. And we aren’t talking about super nutritional medicine that speeds up the healing process. Julieta’s concoctions, whether buuelos, arepas, or something else, may quickly and easily mend even the most severe wounds.

encanto family tree

Thanks mainly to Julieta’s clumsy but sweet husband, Agustin, we can witness this magic in action right from the start. Agustin is the second of the Madrigal spouses’ relatives. No surprise, he lacks a unique talent, yet he seems to accept this about himself. He is happy with his life with Julieta, even though he sustains numerous severe injuries that his wife gently treats with her cuisine.

All three of their offspring—Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel—have significant parts to perform in the movie. The matriarchal model suggests that when Alma, the family’s matriarch, finally passes on to the great beyond, her daughter Julieta will likely become the de facto head of the household. A healer and nurturer would lead a secret, quiet community in an ideal world.

Pepa and Félix

Pepa is the youngest daughter and second oldest child of Abuela Alma. The nearly permanent clouds, rain, hail, wind and other disruptive weather factors swirling around Pepa Madrigal make her easy to see, even from a mile away. That’s correct; Pepa can influence the weather, albeit calling it influence would be stretching things.

Unlike Storm from the X-Men, Pepa doesn’t have the mental ability to control the weather. Instead, her moods are what ultimately determine the temperature. Pepa’s influence on the world is entertaining partly because of her irrational, often unmanageable power. Pepa Madrigal’s abilities are one of the more peculiar ones that a family member obtains, ranging from the ability to soak socks to the ability to ruin decorations.

Encanto family tree

Félix, Pepa’s husband, is the antithesis of his wife’s moodiness. As the second brother-in-law to marry into the family, Félix is another non-magical member of the group. Félix may be powerless, but his charisma makes up for it. The guy is lively and quick to tell a joke or break into a dancing routine. His sunny disposition and easygoing manner are just what Pepa needs as she learns to control her feelings.

With the birth of their children Dolores, Camilo and Antonio, the couple ushers in the next generation of family members. Though Pepa and her family don’t get as much attention as Julieta and her dependants, they contribute a lot of vibrancy to the Madrigals’ everyday routine.


Nothing is ever said about Bruno. After all, for amusement, this man is seven feet tall, carries rats on his back and makes people faint by warning them that awful things will happen to them. Nothing of that is true, except maybe the rat thing. Bruno, the youngest of Alma’s triplets, is often the least understood. By the time the story begins, Bruno has been in hiding for quite some time, leaving only intrigue and mystery behind.

Encanto family tree

However, as the film progresses and we see more of him, we learn that he is not as terrifying as his reputation would have us believe. Bruno may be a shy and clumsy guy, but he turns out to be a decent human. He has a genuine interest in the family’s success. His supposed absence turned out to be nothing more than a retreat within the house, from where he had kept watch for years. The fact that Bruno can predict the future is, of course, the most intriguing aspect of his character. This is not a purely linear process. Like his hazy foresight of Mirabel’s impact on the home and the family’s future, he can see other alternate realities.


Isabela Madrigal is the oldest and most cherished child of Julieta and Agustin. Her ability to manipulate vegetation is her exceptional talent. It may not sound like much, but Isabela has found ways to make a big splash with her power. Neither she nor her mother possessed a slow-acting talent. Isabela isn’t merely an excellent gardener with a green thumb. Immediately, she can form plants of any size or shape. As the film progresses, we witness the many ways this can be put to use.

Encanto family tree

Decorations for a party are an example of a mild one. Some, like establishing a vine swing, are enjoyable. In extreme cases, like conjuring a thick bed of flowers to break a fall, these spells can save a person’s life. While Isabela seems to be the perfect child at first glance, at the film’s end, we see that her privileged exterior is a mask for a shallow and egotistical existence. Everything she does, from how she presents herself in public to who she marries, is done with the family in mind. Thankfully, Mirabel can assist her sister let go of some of that misplaced guilt so that she can reach her full potential as an older sister and use her gift.


The Madrigals’ second oldest child, Luisa Madrigal, was born to Julieta and Agustn. Because of her incredible strength, she also fits the mold of a classic superhero. Like the Hulk, whose strength seems to have no bounds, it isn’t easy to put a specific value on Luisa’s talents. Her abilities seem limitless; one moment, she’s carrying a piano. The next, she’s erecting a chapel. It turns out that her habit of treating the weight as if it were nothing is generally accurate.

Encanto family tree

At an early point in the film, Luisa remarks that the animals she was carrying felt heavy because the magic had begun to wear off. This means that she can ignore the relative heaviness of other items, which is a distinct manifestation of her gift and not just strength.

Luisa’s present lacks an emotional component, regardless of its weight restrictions or lack thereof. The hulking granddaughter causes an emotional and mental breakdown by constantly putting everyone else’s wants before hers. We’re all striving for work-life balance, and Luisa doesn’t get it until she learns to control her compulsive drive to help others.


Mirabel is the newest addition to the family of Julieta and Agustin. In addition to being the family’s odd duck, Mirabel is the only member who isn’t showered with presents. At least she has no extraordinary abilities like the rest of Alma’s offspring. The parallel between Abuela Alma and the title character, who possesses no superpowers in the ordinary course of her life, is drawn early and often throughout the film.

Encanto family tree

Taking after her strong-willed grandma, Mirabel possesses natural leadership qualities. She has excellent understanding, resilience, and optimism. She is selfless and willing to put others before herself. She shares Abuela’s priorities regarding her family’s happiness and well-being.

Do you think the two characters will occasionally disagree due to their same interest? Sure. Though this doesn’t alter the fact that Mirabel is the Madrigals’ undisputed leader. She has a deep, abiding affection for her family and will do anything to preserve the happy ending of their fairy tale. In addition, her ultimate act of resurrecting Casita with “her own door” demonstrates that, like Alma, she possesses deep, innate magic, even if it isn’t manifested in the form of a flashy present.


Dolores is Pepa and Félix’s oldest child and only daughter. Dolores is a reserved family member with a good cause. Her hearing is superb. Mirabel can hear a pin drop. She can also listen to conversations from a mile away, as she does when she reveals Isabel’s suitor’s intentions while he’s in town and she’s at home.

Encanto family tree

Dolores’ gift keeps her quiet. She whispers much of the time. Her keen hearing doesn’t seem to overwhelm her like it does Luisa. Dolores lives in the shadow of her cousins, especially Isabela, who is betrothed to Dolores’ childhood sweetheart, Mariano. She can’t talk to Mariano until her cousin Mirabel boosts her confidence.

Dolores is mainly on the film’s perimeter. Her hearing ability affects numerous scenes. She hears Bruno in the walls. She overhears Mariano’s family plans. She even overhears Mirabel and Agustin discussing the family’s power waning, which she later reveals to the entire family.


Most Madrigal grandchildren help others and care for loved ones—Camilo’s different. Pepa and Félix’s second-oldest kid is a textbook teen. He’s often bored and enjoys causing havoc with his skills. Camilo is a nice enough child. He’s uninterested in everything around him. This makes his shapeshifting scary. Camilo causes issues throughout the film. To get more breakfast, he impersonates his sister Dolores.

Encanto family tree

He imitates his dad by shrinking him. He uses a photo of Isabela’s fiancé, Mariano, to mock her as she prepares for her political marriage. Camilo is a prankster that loves his family. He greets guests at Antonio’s gift ceremony, helps around the house when he can, and rebuilds the Casa Madrigal at the film’s end.


Encanto family tree

Antonio is a delightful Madrigal. When the movie begins, Pepa and Félix’s youngest son doesn’t have power because he’s too young. The movie’s opening act focuses on his giving ceremony. We wonder if Mirabel’s absence of a present ended the family’s charm. As soon as Antonio touches his door, he can communicate with animals. Observing the boy’s childish wonder as he talks, listens, and plays with his new winged and four-legged pals is lovely. Antonio’s animal gift affects his demeanour, even though we don’t see him much throughout the film. Little glimpses of the boy indicate a boy swiftly blossoming into a man, thanks partly to his animal buddies.


Encanto family tree

Last but not least is Casa Madrigal. It’s not a blood relative, but neither was Félix or Agustin. Casa Madrigal or Casita is a family member but not expressly stated. Alma’s “gift.”Casita is significant to the Madrigal family, despite family opinions. The sentient house listens to discussions, communicates with its residents and does family business. The residence reflects a close-knit family in many ways. The place gives each person a present. It’s also a favorite, protective, and the Madrigal family’s heart. If you break down the Madrigal family tree, you must include this structure.