Why Elon Musk Fires Around 4,400 of Twitter Contract Workers Without Notice

After firing thousands of Twitter employees in the first week of taking over the site. Musk is now getting rid of a large number of contract workers. Reports say that this change will affect about 4,400 of the company’s 5,500 employees. Many of these employees say that their access was taken away without giving them any warning.

Elon Musk Twitter Contract Workers Without Notice

A report from Platformer says that Twitter fired these workers without giving them any warning. The workers couldn’t get to their work email or use other online services. Some of these workers were not told ahead of time by the company. They knew they were fired when they couldn’t get to the company’s internal messages or even their email.

The report says that these job cuts may have been announced for all of the company’s operations around the world. It had workers from departments like content moderation, real estate, marketing, engineering, and others.

This comes a few weeks after the first round of layoffs, which happened in the first week after Elon Musk took over Twitter. Musk fired about 3,700 people who worked at Twitter offices around the world. He is said to have fired 90% of the company’s workers in India.

After the most recent round of layoffs, more than half of Twitter’s employees are no longer there. If content moderators lose their jobs, there will likely be more impersonators, scammers, and other cybersecurity threats.

Shortly after Twitter introduced the new Blue subscription, a lot of people who paid $8 for the subscription got the blue checkmark. This made things confusing because fake accounts started getting the verified mark. Twitter had to turn off the feature in the end. Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion at the end of October. Since then, he has fired half of the company’s workers, most of the top executives, and even the board of directors. Last week, some more executives left the company. They were in charge of important teams like security.

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