Dua Lipa Reveals Her Toned Abs In A New Instagram Video

In a recent post on Instagram, Dua Lipa reveals that she has genuinely reached the next level of abdominal toning. The singer, who is 26 years old, flaunts her yoga talents in the Instagram video, and she even manages to make a headstand appear ridiculously simple, despite the fact that it is everything but.

Yoga, strength training, sprints, bodyweight exercises, and resistance band training are all part of Dua’s routine for maintaining her fitness level.

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In her most recent Instagram post, Dua Lipa makes it seem as if she is having no trouble overcoming challenges. The “Levitating” diva, who is 26 years old and showed off her yoga talents in a 45-second video, flawlessly nailed a difficult yoga headstand stance. And she achieved all of this while wearing a straightforward pair that matched each other and displayed her chiseled core.

Her devotees were blown away by how much she managed to keep under control despite the strenuous nature of her yoga exercise. One of the band’s fans wrote: “The body is offering.” Another person chimed in, saying, “Absolutely wonderful.” The third commenter jumped up with, “ROCK SOLID.”

In case it wasn’t obvious from the video, Dua gets a lot of her exercise by practicing yoga. She does yoga under the instruction of Annie Locke, and in the past, she has shown a few additional yoga sequences on her Instagram story.

Dua took for photographs in front of a mirror while wearing a little olive green string Alessandra Rich Tie Embellished Bikini top. She seemed to be ready to visit the beach, at least on top. In the past, Lipa has shown that she has a preference for chest charms, and her most recent bikini has a chest charm in the form of a huge crystal detail in the shape of a flower that is attached to the center of the string that suspends the center of the chest.

Now, rather than complete the look with a pair of matching bikini bottoms and a swimsuit top like the rest of us regular people would do, Dua added her own touch to the ensemble by donning a pair of black pants with a low rise and wide legs.

The mirror selfies only took up residence in two slides of Dua’s content, with other snaps showing what the pop girlie has been eating as of late as well as a braless, teeny white tank top and black trousers moment. While the very much “business-on-the-bottom” and “party-on-the-top” outfit caught our eye, the mirror selfies only took up residence in two slides of Dua’s content.

And of course, we’re not unfamiliar with the sight of Dua donning a bikini; in fact, only a few Instagram posts ago, she was sporting a more conventional swimwear when she showed off a pink cottagecore two-piece while participating in a “pre-show river dip.”

It is safe to say that Dua Lipa has one of the vastest and most interesting closets in the industry. She mixes high-end designer items with second-hand and antique finds. She has unquestionably established herself as the Y2K queen over the course of the last several years. The self-proclaimed yogini, on the other hand, is more traditional in her approach to the selection of sportswear she wears.

However, when she is not practicing yoga, Dua can be seen in the gym working on her strength with a variety of different trainers. According to Sora Connor, who works with Dua, they constantly “work the complete body.” This information was provided to Women’s Health. “At other times, the attention is more on the fundamentals.In other instances, it’s the glutes,” Connor said.

“The primary purpose is to strengthen the muscles so that they become strong and toned, but the emphasis is on producing a long, lean line,” the author writes. “The focus is on building a long, lean line.”

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In terms of her eating, Dua enjoys preparing healthy, freshly prepared meals as a kind of stress relief. She told Refinery29 that “coming home, slowing down, and connecting with the food that feeds my body and life” is wonderful because “with all the rushing around I do for business, it’s great to return home.” In addition to that, she has a little need for sweet things. Her go-to dessert? ice cream made with olive oil.

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