Dru Down Net Worth 2023: How Much Money Does He Have?

This page has information about Dru Down net worth, assets and a lot more. Dru Down is a professional rapper from Oakland, California, who lives in the United States. As well as being an actor, he is a well-known and successful rapper. Dru Down has been making music since 1988, and he has been praised by critics throughout his career. He has put out a lot of albums, singles, and other things, which has helped him become known all over the world.

After his first album, Fools From the Street, came out in 1993, he became well-known. He went on to make seven more solo albums after that. He has also put out a lot of compilation albums and albums with other artists. His first mixtape came out in 2007, and so far he has put out three. He is also well-known right now for being a member of The Regime, a group of rappers.

Dru Down Net worth

Dru Down is a very well-known and wealthy musician in the United States. He is known for his work in the music business. From a very young age, he was interested in music, and when he was 17, he started working as a musician. In 1993, he made his first studio album. Since then, he has done many amazing things.

Dru Down Net Worth
Dru Down Net Worth

Even though he hasn’t done much acting, Dru Down has also worked in a movie. In 2013, he got three years in prison for driving while drunk and trying to get away from the police. His estimated net worth right now is $4 million.

Dru Down’s Asset

Home: Dru Down is an American celebrity who is well-known for his work in the music industry. He has been making rap music his whole life. He lives in California right now and owns a very nice house there.

Car collection: Dru Down has a large number of cars in his garage. Since he was very young, he’s been interested in cars, and soon after he became famous, he bought a Dodge Challenger. He also has a Toyota, a Ford Mustang, and so on. Read about how much Sean Combs is worth.

Dru Down’s life story

Danyel Robinson is a well-known rapper and actor in the United States. His stage name, Dru Down, is known all over the world. Robinson was born on September 14, 1971, in Oakland, California, in the United States. Robinson grew up in Oakland. His grandmother and stepfather used to live with him there. He never met his biological father, and when he was only three years old, his mother died. But later, his grandmother told him that his real father was the famous bassist and singer Bootsy Collins.

Robinson became interested in rap music when he found out who his real father was, and he later started making it. He didn’t take long to become a pro.

Dru Down: His Job and Honors

Dru Down started making rap music in the late 1980s, which was a long time ago. He started working as a musician in 1988, and in 1993, he put out his first album by himself. It was called Fools From the Streets. His second album, Explicit Game, came out in 1994. It was a huge hit and made him famous all over the world. The album did pretty well on a number of American music charts. Later, in 1996 and 2001, he came out with his third and fourth albums, Can You Feel Me and Pimpin’ Phernelia. Also, these two albums were very popular and did well on many charts. Dru Down made four more albums after that.

Besides his solo albums, he has a lot of compilation albums and albums where he worked with other artists. Crack Muzic Vol.1 was his first mixtape, which came out in 2007. The second volume came out the same year. In 2009, he released his third mixtape. Pimp of the Year, Ice Cream Man, No One Loves You, Can You Feel Me, etc. are some of Dru Down’s most popular singles. Dru Down has also had a lot of guests on his shows. In 1996, he was also in a movie called Original Gangstas. He was recently in an episode of Lockup, which is a show on MSNBC.


Dru Down lived in California for most of his childhood, but he hasn’t said much about it. Most of what he learned in school is a secret. He went to high school in Oakland, but no one knows what school he went to. At 17, he also started making money as a rapper.


Dru Down is a great musician and famous person in the United States. His rap music, songs, and albums have made him well-known. He has been in the business for 30 years, and through his songs, he has given many memorable moments. Dru Down is still doing a great job, and he has a lot of projects going on. He is also trying to get better at acting, which is a good thing.

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