Dr. Michelle Oakley Yukon Vet Getting Divorce? Her Relationship Timeline!

In the current climate, divorce news receives more attention than marriage news. Many today are reluctant to listen to their wives since they have become unbearable recently.

Many recently wondered if Dr. Michelle and Shane Oakley were still legally married. Dr. Michelle is one of the most well-known veterinarians in the world. Michelle met her spouse while still in college. They began dating in their senior year of college.

They married immediately after she received her bachelor’s degree in zoology. Michelle received her veterinary degree in the year 2000.

Who is Dr. Michelle Oakley?

Dr. Michelle Oakley has been the Yukon Territory’s sole all-species veterinarian for hundreds of kilometers. Her clients are off the grid and don’t have running water or electricity.

In Yukon, Canada, Dr. Oakley is an emergency veterinarian for the American Bald Eagle Foundation, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and Yukon Wildlife Preserve. She was born in Indiana and graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in zoology.

Dr. Michelle Oakley Yukon Vet

After marrying Shane Oakley, she earned a Ph.D. in veterinary medicine from Atlantic Veterinary College in 2000. Dr. Michelle is quite active on social media.

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Who Is the Husband of Michelle Oakley?

Michelle Oakley’s husband’s name is Shane Oakley. In high school, she met this Yukon native and wildland firefighter. They later fell in love and married in Hawaii in 1992.

Once they married, Michelle decided to attend the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Their family life is wonderful.

Shane is a firefighter and a deputy conservation officer. They genuinely care for and adore one another. He admires his wife’s passion for animals.

Are Shane and Dr. Oakley Still Together?

Despite her hectic workload, Dr. Michelle prioritizes family time. Shane, Dr. Michelle’s husband, is a deputy conservation officer and a firefighter.

In December 1992, the pair married in Hawaii. Dr. Michelle Oakley’s husband, Shane Oakley, remains by her side. The legendary couple has been together for nearly 20 years and is still going strong.

While at Michigan University, Dr. Michelle Oakley worked as a field assistant in Yukon, studying the ecology of northern ground squirrels.

She met Shane Oakley, a Yukoner she subsequently married on the same trip. Shane, a wildland firefighter, married Michelle after falling in love with her.

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