Don West Cause of Death: Iconic TNA Announcer Dies At 59 Disclosed

After the sad news of his death broke on the Internet on December 30, 2022, the cause of Don West’s death was discovered. Mike Tenay, who used to work with him at TNA/IMPACT wrestling as a commentator, posted the sad news on Twitter on Saturday.

“Just heard from our brother Don’s wife, Terri, that he will be in heaven for New Year’s. Terri said that D-Dub had to give up his fight with lymphoma. As broadcast partners and friends, we hit it off as soon as we met. Tenay wrote, “Years of great times on and off camera.”

Donald West was born in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, on June 20, 1963. He was the salesman for the website, which sold things on the internet. He lives in Wenatchee, Washington, at the moment.

West went to Purdue University, where he studied sports broadcasting as his main subject. He first got into TV shopping when he applied for a job as the host of Sports Collectibles on the Shop at Home Network.

Even though Don had a degree in sports broadcasting, he didn’t get the job because of his “scrabbly voice.” In 1991, he started selling knives on TV, and in 1993, he got the job he had applied for with the Shop at Home Network.

He sold more than just sports memorabilia. He also sold Beanie Babies and PokΓ©mon collectibles. Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell made fun of West and his co-host, Eddy Lewis, on three episodes of Saturday Night Live from November 1996 to March 1997.

Don West Cause of Death
Don West Cause of Death

Don left the Shop at Home Network on good terms in 2001 and began to host a sports talk show on WNSR. In 2000, Vince Russo, who was in charge of booking for World Championship Wrestling, asked him to join the company. He turned down the offer in favor of “the sure thing.”

Jeff Jarrett, who had met Don through Russo, hired him in 2002 as the color commentator for his professional wrestling show, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

West also joined Jeremy Borash on the show TNA Today, which was shown on YouTube. Impact Wrestling said on January 13, 2017, that Don had joined the merchandise department.

Impact announced on June 15, 2017, that Don would be back on the commentary team for their Slammiversary XV pay-per-view event, which took place on July 2.

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Don West Cause of Death

At 59, cancer was said to have killed Don West. West announced on June 16, 2021, that he had been “diagnosed with a brain lymphoma and will start treatment right away.”

During the 2008 Fish Market Street Fight at Destination X between Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray) and Curry Man & Shark Boy, Don West kept saying that the competitors were creaming each other with a fish. From 2001 to 2008, Don hosted “The Sports Reporters,” a midday sports talk show on Nashville, Tennessee’s SportsRadio 560 WNSR AM.

After the well-known wrestling announcer Don West died, there were many tributes to him. Many people used Twitter to say sad things about the announcer who had died.

Josh Alexander, the MPACT world champion, wrote on Twitter, “The voice of TNA/@IMPACTWRESTLING passed away today.”

He also said, “His voice will always remind me of so many important moments and calls.” I’ve never met the man, but everyone I’ve met who knew him loves him. He made a mark & will never be forgotten.”

Adam Goldberg wrote on Twitter, “The brown bag specials, high fives to Homicide after a big move to the outside, the “Are you kidding me?!?!”…

Don West was important to TNA Impact Wrestling in so many ways. Never be forgotten. #RIP.” American professional wrestler and promoter Sami Callihan wrote, “One of the best of all time, and one of the reasons why I loved TNA when I was a kid.”

“Don West was a force of nature,” Nick Aldis wrote. He did everything with his whole heart. We’ve been able to talk to D-Dub on the phone a few times in the past few months. Even though he was sick, his personality shone through. God bless you, DW.

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