Dolly Parton Without Wig: The Truth About Her Unique Hairstyle!

Dolly Parton Without Wig: Dolly Parton is a real-life Barbie with bold makeup, blonde hair, and high heels. She is exactly 5 feet tall, which is what her name suggests. Despite her small size, the country singer has always been bigger than life. And that’s not just because she has a lot of talent or a big heart. It’s also because of her famous poufed wigs.

On Stage: Dolly Parton’s Flashy, Extravagant Hairstyle

You did read that correctly. The blonde bombshell’s signature, fancy hairstyle is not how her hair normally looks.

Dolly Parton Without Wig
Dolly Parton Without Wig

In her book Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, Dolly Parton wrote that when she was a teenager, she always wanted to buy and wear a wig someday. When she got older and got a job, she always had her hair done up. When the puffed hairstyle became popular, she was the first to wear it.

When she was finally able to buy wigs and hairpieces, she wanted them right away. She chose them because she has always liked them and because her hair was thin and flat and never did what she wanted it to. Dolly says God gave her talent because he made her hair look funny.

So, she became known for her wigs. And her style has changed over the years. In the 1960s, she wore bouffants. In the 1970s, she wore her hair feathered and teased, and she has changed from up-dos to longer styles several times. The icon loved her fake hair; even today, she rarely leaves the house without her big, blonde, luscious wigs. She always says that her wigs are talking points and that she looks her best when she wears them.

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Dolly Parton Off-Stage: How Many Wigs Does Dolly Parton Own?

We can safely say that Dolly Parton has hundreds of wigs made just for her. But on the red carpet for Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, a Netflix show, the country singer said she owned hundreds of them. She said she wears one every day, so she must have at least 365. But when her wigs wear out, she either sells them at auction and buys new ones or gives them to her museum in Tennessee.

Dolly still takes off her wigs from time to time, though.

Dolly admitted to Elle Magazine for their Women in Hollywood issue that she doesn’t always wear her wigs but still puffs up her hair because she loves to look flashy. But when she’s at home, she wears her little scrunchies and does her hair as cutely as possible.

But wigs are still her top choice because they are so easy to use, which is important. After all, she is always busy. Not only do they give her many options, but they also make sure she never has a bad hair day, which is good.

The Truth About Dolly Parton Without A Wig

It’s hard to picture Dolly without her trademark hairstyle, but she did share some old photos of herself without them. And spoiler alert: She looks stunning.

In 2018, she shared an old, unposed picture of herself in the studio on her Instagram account.

She also put the same picture in her book Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, which you can buy at Amazon for $30.05 for the hardcover or $18.14 for the Kindle version.

And in 2020, she posted the same photo again, but this time from a different angle. This caused quite a stir as fans rushed to her page to tell her how good she looked with her natural hair.

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Dolly Parton will always look beautiful, with or without a wig. We Hope this information is helpful to you. If so share it with your friends.

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“However, I can relay third-hand information that she was asked about the gloves by fans while filming scenes for her upcoming movie Joyful Noise and told them that last year she had had corrective hand surgery (medical, not cosmetic) and it left a scar that she’s covering.

Why does Dolly Parton hide her arms?

Dolly got tattoos to hide her scars, and now she always wears long sleeves to hide both her scars and her tattoos. If you ask us, it sounds like a lot of work… Even though Dolly always wears long sleeves, she is still known in the entertainment business as a style icon.

Is Dolly Parton’s hair naturally blonde?

She looked great in a classic white sweater, but fans couldn’t help but notice how much blonder her hair was in the photo. The style is a lot more subdued than her usual big, over-the-top blonde wig, and the singer has been known to wear bold outfits.

Does Dolly Parton have any tattoos?

Dolly, 76, told PEOPLE, “I do have some tattoos, but they’re tasteful. I’m not a tattoo girl.” She said she got tattoos to cover up scars from procedures and surgeries.