Who is DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend in 2022? Latest Updates About His Current Dating Life

You may have known DK Metcalf from his celebrated career. The Oxford, Mississippi-born soccer player is notoriously known for his dating life as well. Rumors and news about DK Metcalf’s girlfriend are always circulating on the news and the internet. It was reported that the player started dating randomly in October 2017. He started it with his University of Missouri-Columbia (UMO) girlfriend and then the rest is history. People are always asking about DK Metcalf’s girlfriend and how she is balancing her personal and professional life.

Though the Seahawks got eliminated from its playoffs for this season, WR DK Metcalf had nothing to worry about. He does have a bright future due to his impeccable skills. When he joined Ole Miss in 2016, he was a wide receiver for the team preparing to “demonstrate for the NFL draft in 2019 with 67 receptions for 1,228 yards across college career which included 14 touchdowns throughout it all”.

Leaving his professional life aside, we have gathered updates about DK Metcalf’s girlfriend. So, we are briefing you about everything and you will be shocked!

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Who Is DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend?

DK Metcalf is definitely one of the most celebrated receivers in the industry. And when it comes to his personal life, it is believed that DK is currently single. But is it true or just for the sake of the media? We have some tea to spill regarding DK Metcalf’s girlfriend. The 23-year-old athlete is seeing his lady in private. However, you must know that he not only plays excellently but also maintains pretty high standards when it comes to romantic involvements.

Who Is DK Metcalf Girlfriend
Who Is DK Metcalf Girlfriend

DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend Giuliana Ava

DK Metcalf’s girlfriend, Giuliana Ava is a famous internet personality who is from Long Island, New York. She is known for being a fitness influencer as well as an online coach. Ava shares updates of her day-to-day over social media including fashion, workouts, exercises, daily tasks, and random Instagram photos and videos.  She also shares selfies mid-activities to keep her fans notified about her lifestyle.

Giuliana Ava

Giuliana has a massive fan following who loves her sculpted figure and beautiful personality. As a matter of fact, she follows a strict diet that she follows every day. 

Once she discussed her dieting habits, “I started to eat a lot of sugar-free gum, and this has helped me stay healthy. I drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day with plenty of fruits for energy while exercising 3x per week in order to maintain weight loss occurring from exercise combined with dieting techniques such as HIIT training, clean eating/weight lifting routines (which all work together). In addition, you can reduce your risk factors by practicing piano throughout the year instead.”

The couple had quite an interesting relationship but secretly parted ways. No one knew how they broke up and why they did so. But soon DK Metcalf’s girlfriend rumors started floating. And there might be a new girl now.

DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend Cirena Wilson

A few days back, he started publicly dating Cerina Wilson who is a supermodel and a big social media influencer. She works with many top brands and after she came to be known as DK Metcalf’s girlfriend, her popularity amongst football fans skyrocketed. American football fans started following her to know more about DK Metcalf’s girlfriend and her current lifestyle. 

The couple seemed to be the perfect partner for each other as both are ambitious and focused on their careers. They have quite an unproblematic relationship and Cerina enjoyed DK Metcalf’s girlfriend. And things did turn out to be smooth. The 22-year-old model was born in 1999 and matches the expectations of the footballer. 

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The news was recently all over the media that DK Metcalf’s girlfriend was spotted with him having a romantic time. They were later rumored to watch football games together. Everything is going pretty smoothly. Even during Super Bowl week, DK took to Instagram to share romantic pictures with Cirena confirming their relationship. DK Metcalf’s girlfriend and the footballer were in Miami at that time and they are still going strong.

DK Metcalf’s girlfriend in 2022 is probably still Cirena since there has been no breakup news as of now. Hopefully, you have got all the information regarding DK Metcalf’s girlfriend.

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