Discover What Happened to Cisco in The Flash?

The last season of The Flash ended quickly and poorly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cisco, who is one of our favorite characters, wasn’t there, and Iris West-Allen, who is played by Candice Patton, was stuck in the Mirrorverse. But Cisco is a big part of the Season 7 trailer for The Flash, so it looks like he’ll be back to make a difference.

During the course of the show, Cisco has been through a lot. Carlos Valdes, who plays the character, has been in every episode of The Flash since it started, except for a few episodes in Season 5. Then, in the midseason premiere of Season 6, when the multiverse got a new start, he said he was leaving to learn about the new world and make a list of everything in it. Since then, we haven’t seen him on TV again—until now.

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During The Run Of “The Flash,” A Lot Happened To Cisco

In The Flash, Cisco was Team Flash’s tech expert, but he was just a normal guy when he first came to the Arrowverse. Cisco later realized he was affected by the particle accelerator, which allowed him to manipulate reality’s vibrational energy. This turned him into a metahuman, and he took on the identity of “Vibe.”

What Happened To Cisco In The Flash
What Happened To Cisco In The Flash

Whether he was a superhero or not, Cisco made the show fun with his comedic relief and working-class background. He made his own cure for being a metahuman so he could live a normal life, but the Monitor gave him his powers back (LaMonica Garrett). But when the new multiverse was made, Cisco’s powers were taken away again. That’s a lot of power changes, and that’s not even everything that happened to Cisco on The Flash.

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