Did Austin Butler Actually Provide His Sing In ‘Elvis’?

Baz Luhrmann has just released a new film called Elvis, a biopic on the legendary rock and roll hero Elvis Presley. It begins with the singer in his childhood and follows his life and career to the music industry’s top. The movie earned more than 240 million pounds at box offices worldwide, making it the third-highest grossing biopic released since the 1970s. Austin Butler, an American actor who is 30 years old, plays the lead in “The King,” and Tom Hanks, who plays “Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker,” also has a leading role in the movie.

His appearance and natural, smooth southern-speaking voice make him virtually a dead ringer for Elvis. He has acted in influential films, including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), which Quentin Tarantino directed. Butler has also appeared in other major films. Despite this, the celebrity, who was chosen for the part despite competition from the likes of Harry Styles and Ansel Elgort, has taken the time to cultivate the ideal singing voice for his portrayal of the character.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Austin shared his thoughts, saying, “When I began the process, I set out to get my voice to be identical.” This creates a sense of dread. Therefore, that was the spark that started the fire. I had worked with a vocal coach the previous year before we began production.

Is It True That Austin Butler Provides The Singing In ‘Elvis’?

The simple answer is yes, that truly is Austin Butler’s voice that you hear in Elvis, with snatches of the actual singer spliced in later on. The longer answer is that Austin Butler’s voice was used in Elvis. The actor practiced imitating Elvis’s singing voice by watching many performances captured on film and in concert and studying the corresponding footage. Butler stated that he felt “such a responsibility to Elvis as well as to [ex-wife] Priscilla and [daughter] Lisa Marie, and all of the people around the world who love him so much” to get the representation of Elvis correct.

did austin butler sing in elvis
Did austin butler sing in Elvis?

Only Butler is heard singing in the younger version of Elvis Presley’s voice in the movie. However, as the character aged, Baz Luhrmann, the film’s director, decided to combine Butler’s voice with recordings of Elvis in his midlife to create a vocal tone that is as close to the original as feasible. Remakes of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1996) and Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby are what made the Australian director famous (2013).

Austin Butler, The Guitar Player In “Elvis,” Is He For Real?

Butler has been playing the piano and guitar since he was 13 years old, and he is an accomplished musician and a talented singer. Like Elvis Presley, the actor had to teach himself to play his instruments. During an interview with Variety, he disclosed that when he was younger, he used to practice guitar so frequently that he eventually had to use superglue to stop his fingers from bleeding due to overplaying.

When Butler appeared as a guest star on the third episode of the NBC comedy series Are You There, Chelsea? he played the role of a band lead singer who was involved romantically with the show’s title character, Chelsea. This allowed Butler to showcase his musical talents in front of an audience. Even though he had 17 years of experience behind him and had played on a major television network, the singer nonetheless displayed concerns when it came time to record his music for Elvis.

Did austin butler sing in Elvis?

In an interview with Variety, Butler disclosed that it was initially challenging to step up on a stage to film in front of over 600 extras while wearing a bejeweled jumpsuit. He was attempting to portray the king of rock and roll. Butler stated, “I learned that Elvis was quite bashful as a kid” and that “he would ask everyone to turn around when he played the guitar and turn out the lights in the room.”And then I realized that’s exactly how I feel right now. However, he prevailed over that, just as Butler did.