Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell Shot Dead, New IRA Claims

Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell has been involved in investigations into attacks by republican extremists.

According to the sources, Det Ch Insp John Caldwell was shot in Omagh on Wednesday 22, feb, 2023, and the New IRA has claimed responsibility.

Specifically, it did so via a typed statement released in Londonderry on Sunday night, 26 feb, 2023. The primary hypothesis of the police investigation was that the republic dissident group New IRA was responsible for the attack.

Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell shot dead
Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell shot dead

The 48-year-old victim was shot many times by two assailants in a sports facility right before his small kid. Mr. Caldwell’s condition in the hospital has not improved.

Six suspects are still being held for interrogation by the police. Of them, the youngest is 22, and the oldest is 71.

The most recent gunshot event happened not too far from where you live. Check out the incident here-

There are still violent attempts by republicans who oppose the 1998 Good Friday Agreement to bring Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland together.

In serving with the Police Service of Northern Ireland for 26 years, Det Ch Insp Caldwell has become one of the force’s most recognisable detectives thanks to his frequent appearances at press conferences detailing significant investigations.

Cool FM News Post a Offical tweet Related To The New IRA released statement-

On Wednesday night, 23 feb, 2023 about 20:00 GMT, gunmen shot him as he coached a Beragh Swifts practise at Youth Sport Omagh.

Children scattered in fear when gunfire went out in the sports complex parking lot.

Their barrage of gunfire damaged at least two more vehicles.

A small dark car, believed to have been used by the gunmen, was later found burnt out on Racolpa Road, just outside Omagh.