Strike Scoring Returns Next Week in Destiny 2 Guardian Games

It’s going to be the third time this year that the Guardian Games are going to be at the Tower. On Tuesday, the competition to see which of the three Guardian classes is the second and third best (it’s a well-known fact that Titans are the best) starts. It will last until May 24, when the season is over.

In the same way, players will do small tasks to get medals and turn them in to improve their class’s rank in the game. During this year’s event, Bungie is going to bring back a feature that people have asked for a lot: Strike Scoring.

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The Strikes won’t be rushed through. Instead, players will be given special missions to do the most damage they can, killing enemies in unique ways. The strike has two playlists: Training and Competitive. This feature will show up in the Competitive playlist. There will be a playlist called “Training” that you can listen to from Tuesday through Thursday each week. During the rest of the week, from Friday to Monday, players can play in the Competitive playlist to get better rewards.

In the Tower, there are torches that can be unlocked by getting high scores. These torches give the Guardian a special glow on their right shoulder. Players can get lights on their left shoulders if they give medals to their class to help them win. Those who play will get a brand-new “The Title” submachine gun for their trouble, and it will come with a special Origin perk called “Classy Contender” (kills refund class ability energy).

Bungie is also making a few changes to the weighting of medal deposits for the event because there is a big difference in the number of players in each class. Classes that fall behind and finish second or third will get multipliers for the rest of the event that is based on how far behind they were. Data from last season will also be taken into account. The Titans, who came third last year, even though they won in 2020, will get the biggest boost.

There will be a small boost for Warlocks because they came in second. Hunters will get a very little boost because they won in 2021. Finally, Bungie said that some new and exciting loot will be coming to Destiny 2 on May 24, when the new season starts. Machine guns called Chain of Command will be used in the rituals during the winter and summer months. Players will also be able to get the Horror’s Least pulse rifle from Nightfalls, as well as the D.F.A. hand cannon, which is a lot of fun.

You will get the Forgiveness sidearm and the Burden of Guilt fusion rifle if you play the Trials of Osiris game. But before players can get their hands on those new weapons, they’ll have to fight in the 2022 Guardian games. The best class should win.

Guardian Games and Beyond

Destiny 2 Guardian Games
Destiny 2 Guardian Games

You should look up, Guardian. It’s that time of year again! In a few days, the Guardian Games 2022 will start on May 3. They’re free for everyone who plays Destiny 2. If you want to get in the mood for some friendly competition, this is the event for you. Guardian Games 2022 has a few new things that players can look forward to. The spirit of the annual class battle stays the same, but there are a few new things to look forward to.

In the beginning, who is the winner? People who compete in the Guardian Games will have to deposit their medals at the Podium in the Tower, just like they have done in the past. There are cards called Contender Cards and Platinum Cards that can be used to get medallions. You can get them by doing certain things and mini-quests. So if you’ve got time, we’ve got those shiny medals for you.

To get more points, you can do things like raids, dungeons, competitive PvP (Trials of Osiris and Survival), the Seasonal activity (PSYOPS Battlegrounds) on a more difficult level, and a lot more, like that. When you play games like Gambit and Vanguard Strikes and Quickplay Crucible in the Throne World, medallions that aren’t as important but still important come up. Getting Gold medals is easier than getting Platinum medals when you get Contender Cards done in easier activities. Most of the time: Play what you want, get your hands on the Pinnacles, and pick up some shiny medallions to bank at the Tower.

New to Guardian Games this year is Strike Scoring, which only counts playtime for playlists from Guardian Games. Besides that, we have Strike Medals, which are meant to reward players for doing things like killing a lot of people with a fancy little combat jig like Shatter. This should also help players who feel like they’re being matched with people who don’t bother to hit.

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