Who Is “Deacon Reese Phillippe” In Never Have I Ever Season 3?

Following in the traditions of both of his actor parents, Deacon Reese Phillippe made his first appearance on television in the third season of Never Have I Ever.

Phillippe is the son of Reese Witherspoon, who stars on The Morning Show, and Ryan Phillippe, who is best known for his role in I Know What You Did Last Summer. In 1999, the pair had a starring role in the film Cruel Intentions together. In October 2003, they became parents for the second time, just four years after the birth of their daughter Ava.

deacon reese phillippe
Deacon Reese Phillippe

Phillippe, 18 years old, has landed a role in the Netflix comedy-drama Never Have I Ever, created by Mindy Kaling, star of The Office and Lang Fisher. The series follows the journey of an Indian-American high school student grieving her father’s death while navigating adolescence.

Fans of Never Have I Ever will undoubtedly recognize Phillippe immediately since he resembles his parents. The new season of Never Has I Ever was launched on Netflix on August 12, and fans will no likely recognize Phillippe instantly.

Nogmagazine has everything you need to know about Never Have I Ever Season 3 Star Deacon Phillippe, so if you’re curious about where you might have seen him before or want to learn more about the character he plays, you’ve come to the right place.

In Never Have I Ever Season 3, Who Plays Deacon Phillippe?

In the eighth episode of Never Have I Ever Season 3, Deacon Phillippe plays the role of Parker. The audience is first introduced to Parker through the new character Des, who Anirudh Pisharody portrays. Parker is Des’s friend. Terry Hu is the actor that portrays Des, Parker and Addison, all of whom go to a house party hosted by the main character, Devi Vishwakumar.

Devi is in the middle of a romantic relationship with Des at the moment and she is eager to impress his friends. However, when Devi admits she has no alcohol to bring to the party, Parker threatens to leave.

Paxton, who Darren Barnet portrays, finally makes an appearance and rescues the day with the bottles of alcohol that he has been able to purchase. Parker and his pals decide to stay at the party, but Parker’s character subsequently becomes involved in conflict after he takes Devi’s father’s tennis racket from her garage. Because Devi’s father passed away a few years ago, the tennis racket has a great deal of sentimental value for her, but Parker is unaware of this fact.

Although it is not yet known whether or not the character of Parker will make an appearance in the subsequent season of Never Have I Ever, the show has already been confirmed to return for a fourth and final installment of the series.

Deacon Phillippe’s Role In Never Have I Ever Season 3: How Did He Get It?

Co-creator of Never Have I Ever Mindy Kaling reportedly said that her acquaintance with Phillippe’s mother, actress Reese Witherspoon, helped him land the role. “Reese had informed me that he was interested in performing… and I just had this job that sounded incredibly good for him,” she revealed to ET.

Deacon Reese Phillippe

He’s the son of two famous performers eager to follow in their footsteps. He’s got a lot to learn. He showed up on set, anxious to absorb knowledge from our actors that I find infectious. He’s a wonderful young man and… appreciative and a joy to be around.”

While working with Witherspoon on Legally Blonde 3, Kaling revealed that Phillippe reminded her of his mother. “He is like his mom; after he wrapped, he sent me a handwritten card, thanking me for coming on set,” she told Extra. As soon as you saw Reese, you knew she was his mother. A simple, “Oh, you’re a good person… No one could speak ill of you, at least not to my knowledge… You fit right in among them; you’re one of those.

What Other Projects Has Deacon Phillippe Worked On?

Although Never Have I Ever is Deacon Phillippe’s first credit as an actor, the musician also has a music career that is just beginning to take off. In 2020, Phillippe released his debut track, “Long Run,” featuring Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt. Phillippe collaborated with TikTok star Loren Gray for his second single to create “Love For the Summer.”

In addition to pursuing a career in music and acting, Phillippe has also explored the world of modeling. Both he and his sister Ava posed for the advertising campaign for Beyoncé’s Adidas line titled “Halls of Ivy Park” in 2021.