Dave Grohl Tears Up During First Performance Since Taylor Hawkins’ Death

Earlier, Paramount+ announced they would be hosting a tribute concert for the late Taylor Hawkins, a member of Foo Fighters who passed away at age 50. The show was going to be held in honour of Hawkins.

According to an article published in Entertainment Tonight, Hawkins’ teammates Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett and Rami Jaffee lit the stage on fire as they performed Times Like These at the recent concert held at the Wembley Arena in London. Grohl started crying in the middle of the band’s performance as they were commemorating the late drummer Taylor Hawkins. The audience was cheering for the band and singing along with them.

Biography Of Dave Grohl?

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl will be remembered as Nirvana’s drummer. But being a drummer for a fantastic band like Nirvana is not Dave’s sole claim to fame in the music industry. Dave began his musical career at 15 as the guitarist and later the drummer for the punk band “Freak Baby.” He was behind the drums for “Mission Impossible” a year later and later that summer for “Dain Bramage.” A year later, an opportunity to drum with one of his favorite punk bands, “Scream,” was too good to pass up.

Dave Grohl Tears
Dave Grohl Tears

This brought us to 1990 when “Scream” appeared to be on its way out and “Nirvana” needed a drummer. Dave continued to develop lyrics and music while recording and touring with “Nirvana,” which he would record during breaks with the band. Following the terrible end of “Nirvana,” Dave eventually turned to music to form the Foo Fighters. While his main job is to play guitar and sing with the Foo Fighters, you can also find Dave expressing his musical genius around the rock world. Dave played drums with Queens of the Stone Age and Killing Joke. He’s also recorded and performed with his friends Tenacious D while working on his hardcore project, “Probot.”

During The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert, Dave Grohl Begins To Cry

The Taylor Hawkins tribute show just recently performed in London saw many fans in attendance, all of whom enthusiastically cheered for the band members performing on stage. During the performance of “Times Like These,” dedicated to the late drummer for the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, one of the band members became overcome with emotion and started crying in the middle of the song. After seeing it, the audience tried to ease his anxiety by clapping and shouting for him during the performance.

On the other hand, he addressed the crowd by saying that they were there to celebrate life, the music and the love of their dear friend, their bandmate Taylor Hawkin and he added that those who knew him personally would know that no one else could make him smile or laugh or dance or sing as he could. He concluded by saying that they gathered to celebrate life, the music and the love of their dear friend, their bandmate Taylor Hawkins.

During his speech, he addressed the audience and stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we’ve gathered here to commemorate the life, the music, and the love of our dear friend, bandmate, and brother Taylor Hawkins.” Those of you who were fortunate enough to know him more intimately understand that no one else could make you grin, laugh, dance, or sing as well as he could. And for those who knew him only peripherally, I do not doubt that you have experienced the same feelings.

Dave Grohl Tears

As a result, this evening, we have gotten together with his family, his closest friends, his musical heroes, and his biggest inspirations to deliver you a gigantic f***ing night in honor of a vast f***ing guy. So, sing. And dance. And be humorous. “And tear your eyes out, f***ing scream your lungs out, and make some f****ing noise so that he can hear us right now,” he said. Because, well, you should know this: You realize this will be a long and f***ing night, don’t you? “Are you set to go?”