Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 1 Ending Explained: How Did the Dunne Brothers Reach LA?

We were ecstatic to learn that Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Daisy Jones & The Six” was being turned into a 10-episode television series rather than a film. It only made apparent that the book would convert flawlessly into a visual medium, given how much fun it is to read and how the audiobook even features numerous voice actors for each band member.

The cast and production values are excellent, but the music is the standout feature. “Daisy Jones & The Six” is an oral history that tells the inside tale of how this fantastic band came to be and its tragic demise.

The book develops through interviews with each band member and their close friends, piecing together the details behind the band’s breakup. In addition to mystery, romance, thrills, and tragedy, there is a mystery. The biggest surprise is an unfathomable curveball that will astound you.

Let’s see if the show lives up to or surpasses our expectations.

What Happens In Daisy Jones and The Six Episode 1?

All of the band members are introduced in Episode 1, along with their early lives. We learn that Graham had the notion of forming a band at school. He had previously informed his pals that Billy, his brother, would join the band. The guys chose to follow it since they were eager about the possibilities.

On the other hand, Billy had just indicated that he would “help out,” but after two practices, he had taken over as the band’s lead singer. To the chagrin of the other band members, the group launched its career as the Dunne Brothers in the sleepy city of Pittsburgh. When they were playing little local parties, something happened that enraged Billy.

Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 1 Ending Explained
Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 1 Ending Explained

Billy was performing at a party when he noticed his fleeing, inebriated father clutching to a young girl. The behavior of the guy he once worshipped disgusts him. The rest of the band departs the party when Billy, who can’t stomach seeing him, does the same.

When Graham tells the others what happened, they sympathize with Billy. Billy, who can’t stand what’s happened, chooses to speak to his grandfather about it. His father’s gift inspired Billy—the guitar he still played—to love music. Billy stirs up a commotion by asking his father if he recognizes him.

Of course, I’d recognize that guitar anywhere, the old man claims. He is instructed to steal the guitar by Billy, but he resists it because it was present to Billy. In a flash of wrath, Billy chooses to smash the guitar and leaves the gathering. The band is disappointed that they won’t be paid for the performance, but, despite their youth, they know how serious the situation is.

Finally, Billy is inspired to take this band seriously by this experience. He desires to prove to the world that he is capable of greatness even without the support and affection of his father. Afterward, he told the boys that they were his favorite group and that they would one day rule the world.

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Later on, though, the band’s bassist decided to quit, so Billy asked the lead guitarist Eddie to play the base for a while. On the other hand, Daisy was a young child whose life appeared ideal on the outside. She grew up in a mansion and had wealthy, well-known parents. In actuality, she was unloved and neglected as a child.

Daisy enjoyed the music, though. She was obsessed with music, and at the age of 15, she started attending all the concerts in Los Angeles solely for music. Daisy was innocent and young, or as she puts it, “a baby,” but she quickly discovered the hard way that others would take advantage of her attractive features and body.

No one would like her music. During a confrontation with a musician, Daisy becomes aware of the evil in the world. Then, she started recording her ideas as songs in her journal. But, a man she was seeing stole one of her songs, which went on to become the nation’s number-one hit.

She met Simone, her best friend, and mentor, on one of her typical runs at the parties where she would get wasted and euphoric. Daisy was a fan of Simone when she was a disco queen. Simone gained Daisy’s immediate favor, and she gradually entered her life.

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Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 1 Ending Explained

Meanwhile, Billy encountered Camila, his first love, along the way. Camila majored in photography and knew Eddie from their earlier years. We begin to see that Eddie might have also harbored affection for Camila, though obviously, no one could compare to “rockstar” Billy.

They soon began opening for more prominent musicians as they grew in popularity. One of those days, they attended a performance by a different band with Karen as the keyboardist. Graham falls head over heels for her right once, but he also believes she would be a perfect addition to their band, which is now without a keyboardist.

After the performance, they met Rod Ryes, a tour manager they were unaware of. Rod tells them that while they have some great material, Los Angeles is the place to be for musicians. Even Teddy Price, the largest producer then, was mentioned by him. Billy cannot help but spill what Rod said to the band.

The band decides to pack up everything and head to LA right after hearing the news, which excites them. To her parents’ dismay, Camila’s love for Billy persuaded her to move with them. A montage of the band and Camila joyfully driving to LA with their huge goals, with Daisy’s voice playing in the background, marks the episode’s conclusion.

Daisy wanted to be the star herself because she had had terrible treatment from everyone and was living a reckless lifestyle. She had had enough of people stealing her belongings. How did Daisy Jones & The Six become “Daisy Jones & The Six,” and how did the Dunne brothers meet her? Discover more in episode 2.

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