Does CVS Take Apple Pay In Store In 2022?

Have you heard of the CVS pharmacy before? Does CVS take Apple Pay or not? CVS pharmacy is one of the large, most well-known retail pharmacies in the United States. It has more than 9000 stores, making it the most extensive pharmacy chain in the US.

CVS is a place that most Americans go to for a variety of services and products, such as cashback and money orders that can be paid for with debit cards. CVS has become a great innovator because it now accepts payments through PayPal, NFC, and Venmo QR codes that don’t need to be touched.

But the day’s question is whether or not CVS take Apple Pay. Yes, CVS will also accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. Before, CVS only had one way to pay: “CVS Pay powered by currents.” The QR code is at the heart of this way to pay. So, NFC was seen as more popular in 2018. However, CVS decided not to keep offering NFC pay because so many devices were being used.

So, CVS now takes Apple Pay and other digital payments that use NFC technology. This is all thanks to NFC technology. You can easily use Apple Pay at the pharmacy counter and the self-service checkout at CVS. If you want to know how to use apple pay to pay at CVS and a lot more about CVS and apple pay, keep reading the article.

Does CVS Take Apple Pay?

Do you need to get your medicine or prescription from the CVS pharmacy? Will CVS pharmacies accept Apple Pay in 2022? You will ask this question if you need more cash or want to pay for your prescription or medication at CVS pharmacy over the phone.

CVS Take Apple Pay
CVS Take Apple Pay

CVS has more than 9600 stores in 49 states, making it one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the US. The good news is that CVS’s 8600 stores, which is the most, accept Apple Pay. From 2018, Apple Pay can pay at the register and the pharmacy counter. But remember that CVS stores only accept Apple Pay. You can’t pay online or through the CVS app with Apple Pay.

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How do I Pay At CVS with Apple Pay?

We’ve already told you that Apple Pay uses NFC to make payments, so if you want to use Apple Pay in-store at CVS, you’ll need the NFC reader. Since Apple Pay is accepted at CVS, here are the steps to use it. Like other stores, you can use apple pay to pay quickly at CVS.

Follow the steps below once you get to the CVS pharmacy to use Apple Pay.

  • First, open your Apple Wallet app.
  • Next, you must bring your phone close to the NFC CVS reader.
  • Once the NFC is scanned, it will let you in with your fingerprint or face id, depending on which iPhone model you have.
  • After the payments have been processed successfully, you’ll see a checkmark on your phone’s screen.

Here are some easy steps for using Apple Pay in-store at CVS. Remember that you can’t use Apple Pay on the CVS website, app, or online store.

Does Apple Pay work in CVS stores?

Yes, CVS does accept Apply Pay as a valid way to pay in-store. In 2018, CVS began taking Apple Pay as a payment method. Apple Pay can be used at the checkout counters, pharmacy counters, and self-service checkouts at CVS.

CVS Take Apple Pay

When CVS started using its payment method, called CVS pay, in 2015, other stores began accepting apple pay as a way to pay ( contactless payment system). At that time, paying with this CVS system was like paying with a QR code. But in 2018, CVS stopped using this payment method and started taking Apple Pay instead.

It’s clear that more than 8600 CVS stores accept Apple Pay, but how do you know if the CVS stores near you do? Here is the best way to find out. There are two ways to find out if apple pay is accepted at your local CVS.

1. Apple website

Major CVS stores that accept Apple Pay are always in charge of Apple’s website. On the website, it’s easy to find all the CVS stores near you that accept Apple Pay.

2. Apple maps app

The Apple Maps app always gives you the most up-to-date information about where CVS stores that take Apple Pay are located. As the name suggests, there is a separate section for information. You can put a checkmark next to “Apple Pay” in this section if you can pay with Apple Pay at this place.

Does CVS take Apple Pay for instacart?

Yes, CVS also lets you pay for instacart with Apple Pay. Digital payments let shoppers use Apple Pay to pay for their purchases. All shoppers have easy access to digital checkouts on Instacart. It means that shoppers can pay with Apple Pay with just a tap on their phone, without taking out their wallet or cash.

A modern card platform works with Instacart to make digital checkout possible.

  • We told you that CVS uses NFC technology, meaning customers can use Apple Pay for instacart.
  • With the help of NFC technology, Instacart’s digital checkout will be easy to use anywhere that apple pay is accepted.
  • Digital checkout at CVS helps get good feedback by making the shopping experience better for the customer in the store.
  • Using NFC technology through Apple Pay platforms, instacart’s digital checkout is very safe, and tokens keep all payment information private.

Does CVS make Apple pay for money orders?

Yes, you can buy money orders at CVS with Apple Pay. As we told you, the CVS pharmacy is run by NFC technology. This means that Apple Pay can pay for money orders at CVS. Money orders are easy to buy at CVS in-store or online with Apple Pay.

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Does Apple Pay Work At The CVS ATM?

Chase ATMs can be used with Apple Pay. Just at CVS pharmacies. Many CVS stores have ATMs, which makes it easy for customers to do business without cash. Many CVS ATMs are well-stocked and can handle a wide range of bills. This depends on where you are and what kind of ATM you use. It means that there are different kinds of CVS ATMs in other places. All point networks, chase money pass, Santander, and Citibank ATMs at CVS accept Apple Pay.

You can use Apple Pay at any CVS ATM without any trouble. You can use the CVS ATM without paying any fees if you have a card from a US bank or an all-point network.


With the help of an NFC reader at the register, Apple Pay can be used at more than 8600 CVS stores. On the other hand, the CVS app or CVS online pharmacy does not accept Apple Pay as a valid form of payment. Stay tuned for more information on our website.