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A well-known pastor and televangelist, Creflo Augustus Dollar Jr. was born on January 28, 1962, in College Park, Georgia, USA. Creflo Dollar Ministries is one of several churches formed by Creflo, along with the Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association and the World Changers Church International in Fulton County, Georgia. The dollar also established the record company Arrow Records. Creflo Dollar’s wealth grew substantially as a result of his several business ventures.


Pastor Creflo Dollar has apologized publicly that he deceived congregants on tithing teachings in a sermon titled “The Great Misunderstanding,” delivered on June 26 of this year.

A sermon preached on a Sunday went something like this: “I will state that I have no shame at all in suggesting to you toss away every book, every cassette, and every video I ever made on the subject of tithing. Unless anything agrees with this it is not acceptable. I’ve done some form of corrective instruction in the last decade, but nothing like what we’re about to undertake.

What’s the big deal, then? Religion persists because of two things: guilt and fear. And if there’s one thing the Church has utilized to hold people in dread and guilt, it’s the matter of tithing, and that needs to be remedied. And it needs to be fixed right away.” After his confession, the pastor said he could lose some speaking engagements, but that he had been through worse.

Creflo Dollar Net Worth

Creflo Dollar Net Worth is $27 million Word of Faith preacher and teacher from the United States. He founded the non-denominational World Changers Church International in Fulton County, Georgia. Money that Creflo Dollar has amassed through his various ministries. The teaching that “it is the will of God for you to flourish in every way” has helped him build a multimillion-dollar ministry.

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He established the College Park, Georgia-based World Changers International Ministries on the back of his success as a Bible teacher and evangelist, which has allowed him to earn a sizeable fortune. With only eight charter members, the church had its inaugural service in the Kathleen Mitchell Elementary School cafeteria in 1986.

Over the years, the congregation has expanded to serve over 10,000 people each week. According to the aforementioned media source, the pastor owns a mansion in Manhattan worth $2.5 million and a mansion in Atlanta for $1 million.


After completing his undergraduate degree in Education at West Georgia College, Creflo Dollar attended Oral Roberts University to receive his Doctor of Divinity.

In 1981, he founded World Changers Church International, which has grown to become a prominent institution across multiple scales of influence over the past three decades.

Understanding God’s Purpose for the Anointing (1992), Claim Your Victory Today (2006), and 8 Steps to Create the Life You Want are just a few of the works written by Creflo Dollar (2008)

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What did Creflo Dollar say about tithing?

T.D. Jakes, Joseph Prince, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Jimmy Swaggart, and Andrew Wommack are all fellow renowned televangelists that are in the same league as Dollar. Dollar solicited contributions from members of his congregation in 2015 so that the church could purchase a Gulfstream G650, a private jet that costs roughly $60 million. He requested 200,000 contributions of $300 or more. Dollar said he and other church leaders will use the jet to travel across the world spreading the gospel. However, after hearing feedback, Dollar decided to cancel the event.

The dollar has since reversed its position on tithing, saying that the Old Testament is where most references to it can be found. After Jesus’ crucifixion, many Christians (depending on their denomination) believe that believers should no longer operate under the Old Testament and should instead follow the New Testament.

In anticipation of criticism, Dollar began his speech by saying, I’m still developing, and the teachings I’ve offered in the past on the subject of tithing were not proper.” He also stated that he will not retract any of his previous teachings because they helped him gain insight.

Creflo Dollar Career

Pastor Creflo Dollar laid the groundwork for the Christian Center of World Changers Ministries in 1986. When he originally started his church, he met at the College Park school cafeteria of Kathleen Mitchell Elementary. Only eight people showed up to the service since he was just getting started.

At now, the Church is home to nearly 30,000 individuals, and it regularly welcomes an additional 6,000 visitors. It also supports satellite churches in Los Angeles, California, Indianapolis, Indiana, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, Dallas, and Houston, Texas; Carrollton, Norcross, Macon, and Marietta, Georgia.

Creflo Dollar Personal life

Who is Creflo Dollar’s daughter? The American televangelist is married to Taffi L. Dollar, and together, they have three children called Gregory, Lauren, Geremy, and Alexandria Jordan.

In June 2012, the televangelist was arrested for an alleged attack on his daughter. According to reports, Creflo Dollar’s fifteen-year-old daughter informed authorities that her father choked and beat her and hit her with a shoe after an argument over whether she could go to a party.