Constantine 2 Will Be Rated R If Director Francis Lawrence Gets His Way!

Constantine 2 Will Be Rated R If Director Francis Lawrence Gets His Way: We had to inquire about “Constantine 2” when speaking with filmmaker Francis Lawrence about his upcoming Netflix film “Slumberland,” which will be available to stream later this week.

At least one significant part of this new “Constantine” sequel, which reunites him with the film’s original stars Keanu Reeves and Akiva Goldsman, will be different if Lawrence has his way. Get ready for a “Constantine” with a strong R.

Lawrence, who recently wrapped up filming the “Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” prequel, said he didn’t anticipate “Constantine 2” would be his next endeavor but added, “All I know is that Keanu and Akiva and I have been wanting to do it forever.”

He claimed that “all of the drama with DC” has receded, allowing them to recover the persona. People are constantly saving Constantine to be a part of some shared universe or TV thing, so we finally got the go-ahead to do our version of him. And I believe that people finally realize there might be demand for a new Keanu Constantine movie.

In the 2005 film “Constantine,” Reeves played the title character, an exorcist with the power to communicate with angels and demons. As part of his ambitious plan for the magical aspect of the DC Universe, J.J. Abrams was creating a “Constantine” television project as part of his lucrative overall agreement with Warner Bros. that was signed in 2019.

Constantine 2 Will Be Rated R If Director Francis Lawrence Gets His Way

Under the direction of director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran, DC Studios is now in charge of all film, television, and animation projects. In the critically acclaimed “Sandman” series on Netflix, the character was last portrayed (kind of) as Johanna Constantine (played by Jenna Coleman).

Although Lawrence claimed that the “Constantine” sequel doesn’t yet have a script, the upcoming film’s plot has been extensively explored. Lawrence stated, “We have the beginnings of ideas and dedication. We’ve been talking about doing it for a while, and Keanu and I have always wanted to. Just that we have now overcome the obstacle and can move forward and achieve it, we must put on our work boots and get started. However, we have several ideas.”

At least if Lawrence gets his way, the sequel will differ in one way: it will have an R rating. This is a result of his anger with the 2005 film. One of the most important things about the first was that we made a PG-13 movie following Warner Bros.’ guidelines about violence, blood, profanity, and s*xuality.

But based on their assessment of the intensity’s grey area, the rating board gave us a strict R. And my biggest regret is that the film is PG-13 rather than R-rated, Lawrence stated. And if I had to have an R, I would have produced an R-rated film. I definitely would have made an R-rated movie out of it by making it much more scary and violent.

The goal this time, according to Lawrence, is to “truly go for it and make a real R-rated Constantine,” which is, in his opinion, what audiences initially want, as opposed to the PG-13 version that also happens to receive an R. What more would he wish to include in the follow-up? A few more chuckles.

Adding more of that snarky, cynical sense of humor to the plot would be Lawrence’s recommendation. “I believe John Constantine is a funny character in a darkly comic way,” Lawrence added. Let’s go for it. On November 18, Netflix will release Lawrence’s “Slumberland,” We’ll have more from our conversation with the director soon.

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