Chris Distefano Wife Jazzy Distefano in 2022? Comedian Has A Very Interesting Family Life

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Christopher Paul Anthony DiStefano aka Chris Distefano. He is an American comedian who famously performs all his stand-up comedy in his own unique style. Chris is originally from Brooklyn, New York, United States and the journey to fame was quite struggling for him. During the beginning of his career, Distefano was seen doing stand-up comedy on MTV’s Guy Code and MTV2’s Girl Code. His first one-hour-long stand-up special, “Chirs Distefano: Size 38 Waist” aired especially on Comedy Central in 2019.

We all know about his professional life, but what about Chris Distefano’s wife? Yes, the comedian is married and Chris Distefano’s wife has always had a major influence in his life. So, here are all the details about Chris Distefano’s wife, his personal life, and more.

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Who is Chris Distefano’s wife?

Chris Distefano’s wife is not someone from the limelight. But what is his name? Jazzy Distefano is Chris Distefano’s wife who was originally named Jasmine Canuelas. She was born on 17th April 1984 and her parents Edward Distefano and Liz Canuelas loved her. She even has a younger sister, Jessica Canuelas with whom she shares a beautiful heart-warming relationship.

Chris Distefano’s wife soon became a Zumba instructor that changed her life for the good. It not only made an impact on her life but she went on to spread the benefits of Zumba amongst others as well. Chris Distefano’s wife has always been open about her passion for Zumba and how it has helped her to overcome her depression. She didn’t want to limit the life lessons she gathered from Zumba to herself only. Thus, Chris Distefano’s wife started her own journey to help others through Zumba. She did get wildly popular as the fitness coach knew how to make the most of her talent.

To impart more knowledge about the benefits of Zumba, Chris Distefano’s wife started Jazzymethod. It is a program introducing a weight loss package along with music to allow individuals to exercise in a fun manner. She has become a fitness expert for aspiring ladies and even helps pregnant individuals.

Chris Distefano’s Family

Chris is happy with his life as he is blessed with such a loving family. After marrying Jazzy, Chris’s life was changed for good. He evolved as an internet sensation with his prolific talent. But Chris is also very open about his transgender uncle whom he supports thoroughly. His uncle’s name is TiTi Jerry and is usually known as Jerry and JLO. Jerry did have a very interesting incident of coming out about his sexuality. When he was in prison, his mom visited him and there he announced his sexual preferences. He came out of the closet and his mother did accept him the way he is.

Chris Distefano's Family
Chris Distefano’s Family

Coming back to Chris Distefano’s wife, the couple met in a bar. They started by being friends after Chris and Jazzy instantly hit it off. But soon they realized that they have a feeling for each other. So, they started dating and within no time, they were happily married.

Chris Distefano’s wife and the comedian started their dating life in 2013. They did have a very private marriage ceremony and it took place secretly in 2015. The couple has three children. Chris already had a son from the relationship he had prior to Jazzy. The couple’s youngest child was born on the same day of their marriage, that is 2015.

The 37-years old comedian is living his dreams and Chris Distefano’s wife has fully supported him in the process. 

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As Chris Distefano’s wife has seen him through many stages of life, the couple has bonded over the period. Now, they are kind of inseparable and Chris definitely feel lucky to have such a beautiful and loving wife. Chris Distefano’s wife and the comedian have been together for a decade. And we only wish the best for him. Jazzy Distefano will always be a part of Chris’s life and they are destined to be together forever.

So, we have covered everything you needed to know about Chris Distefano’s wife and the lifestyle he leads with his family.

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