Cher Opens Up About Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards!

Cher Opens Up About Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards: Cher isn’t keeping any juicy information about Alexander “AE” Edwards to herself. This Friday on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer talked about the rapper’s appeal to her. The duo had been romantically linked after they were spotted holding hands earlier this month.

When it comes to their relationship, Cher commented, “On paper, it’s kind of absurd.” But we get along well in real life. He’s amazing. And I don’t bestow upon folks traits they don’t merit. She didn’t stop praising him. She praised Edwards, who has a 3-year-old kid with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, calling him “extremely nice, intelligent, very creative, and hilarious.” And I find him to be beautiful.

Although Cher and AE are 40 years apart in age, Cher states that this doesn’t worry her. Cher is the vocalist of “Strong Enough.” She acknowledged that she favors dating younger men. Cher admitted during the interview that “older males just didn’t like me all that much.” Do you comprehend what I mean? I’ve had a few boyfriends who were roughly my age, but they didn’t like me for some reason.

Additionally, it’s possible that younger men don’t care if you have a strong personality, are wild or hilarious, or want to do silly things. I won’t compromise my character for anyone, promise.

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Cher has previously discussed her relationship with her fans in depth. She posted a picture of her lover without a shirt on Twitter a few days before Thanksgiving. In a different post, she encouraged her fans to never lose up on love. He’s the Consistent One. My name is The Skittish. We care about one another. Ladies, never give up.

Cher Opens Up About Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards

According to Cher’s tweet, they kiss “like teenagers,” and they also “love each other.” Cher is wholly devoted to her new love. On November 23, Cher, 76, wrote on Twitter, “A.E.Hanging Out,” beside a photo of her boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards lounging in his undies.

Edwards, according to People, is 36 years old. One fan claimed to be in their 30s, commented on the attractive photo and asked Cher how they might get their younger crush to notice them.

Cher Opens Up About Boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards
Cher Opens Up About Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards

“I’m thinking of my affair with Edwards,” Cher remarked. “He is 36 and eventually chased me till we met.” “He’s the steady one, and I’m the shaky one. Because of our kinship, “LADIES NEVER GIVE UP.” “Neither One Wanted2 Make LONG,” Cher continued. NEBI WANTED TO CALL A. EGrill; at that time, Paris was magical. I must state that he was unique to me.”

In a different tweet, Cher added the phrases “We’re Happy” and “We’re Grown-ups.” But when an additional fan questioned her about Edwards, the “Believe” singer replied, “He’s Kind, Smart, Hilarious…” And We Enjoy Teenagers.” When a Twitter follower who labeled Edwards “Handsome” commented that they understood why Cher loves him so much, Cher gushed about her beau and stated, “I don’t give men characteristics they don’t possess. It is a formula for catastrophe. Check now to see who Shailene Woodley is seeing. She admits that she and Aaron are no longer engaged.”

She continued, he is not his tattoos, hair color, or Dimond grill. Because he wasn’t terrified, I liked him. He is sweet, funny, intelligent, talented, and attractive. We chat and have fun. We are the ideal match. Do I long to be younger? Yes, I’m not being booed. On November 2, when Cher was spotted in Los Angeles holding hands with the music mogul, rumors of a relationship between the two started to spread.

A few days later, on November 6, Cher shared an image of Edwards with a red-heart emoji in the text on her Twitter page, possibly confirming that she was dating the rapper. After the divorce, the state of her relationship changed. According to a tweet from Cher, Edwards, who has a child with Amber Rose, has already gotten to know Cher’s family.

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