Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Celebrates 75th Anniversary

An important anniversary has been reached in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Since its inception 75 years ago, the cathedral has welcomed millions of visitors. Many Bismarck region believers have made it their spiritual home base.

Priests and parishioners at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit are commemorating 75 years as a thriving religious community. Indeed, for many, this is their permanent residence.

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

According to the report-

“This church has been the center of our spiritual life. We have actually lived in several parts of Bismarck, but we have always considered ourselves happy cathedral parishioners. We are always here,” said Connie Sprynczynatyk, a parishioner of the cathedral.

The cathedral, built with grit and determination through the horrific years of World War II, saw its first shovel of dirt turn in 1941. This milestone anniversary calls for introspection.

“It means everything, this is an addition to St. Mary’s which was the original parish. This expansion came at a time when Bismarck was seeing some rapid growth of coming out of the Great Depression,” said Father Joshua Ehli, Rector of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit will celebrate its 75th anniversary with various events and activities throughout this year.

“We started a series of trips to Rome, pilgrimages in honor of the 75th. This year we are going to be doing some repairs, building bathrooms and doing some evangelization efforts,” says Fr. Ehli.

As the cathedral celebrates its 75th year, many worshippers look forward to the years to come.

“Our current generations are smart enough to recognize that we have a beautiful legacy and it’s our job to carry on that legacy to be actively engaged in our parish,” says Sprynczynatyk.

The cathedral hopes to increase community attendance and participation as it advances beyond this milestone jubilee.

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