Cast of Darby And the Dead: Who Are The Supporting Male Roles In Hulu Movie?

Cast of Darby And the Dead: An upcoming teen supernatural comedy called Darby and the Dead centers on a sophomore who possesses the unique ability to speak with the dead. Riele Downs plays the title role in the movie, which is directed by Silas Howard and written by Becca Greene and Wenonah Wilms.

Notably, the movie’s title was Darby Harper Wants You to Know, and South Africa served as its final shooting location. Roger Neill also wrote the music for the film with a spiritual theme.

Cast of Darby And the Dead

It’s time for Darby and the Dead! The teen ghost comedy’s Hulu debut took place on Friday, December 1. Darby Harper, a junior in high school with the ability to see the dead, is the main character of the film. Being a bit of a misanthrope, Darby tends to be a loner and only communicates with the spirits she counsels and assists in dying.

Darby must alter her entire perspective on life in order to persuade Capri’s classmates to hold the planned Sweet 17 party after Capri, the most popular girl in her school dies in an accident. Fans of Nickelodeon and Disney should recognize both the titular character and Capri. Riele Downs, best known for her portrayal of Charlotte Page in the superhero comedy Henry Danger, plays Darby.

Cast of Darby And the Dead
Cast of Darby And the Dead

The role of Capri’s chief cheerleader is played by Auli’i Cravalho, who shot to fame as Moana in the popular Disney film. Recently, Cravalho appeared in two other teen films. She acted alongside fellow Disney girl Rowan Blanchard (Girl Meets World) and Hulu star Isabella Ferreira (Love, Victor) in the sapphic adolescent rom-com All Together Now for Netflix in 2020 and the Hulu original Crush in 2022.

Besides Darby, who else is in the Dead? The entire cast is listed below:

  • Riele Downs as Darby Harper
  • Auli’i Cravalho as Capri
  • Chosen Jacobs as Alex
  • Asher Angel as James
  • Wayne Knight as Mel
  • Derek Luke as Ben
  • Tony Danza as Gary
  • Nicole Maines as Piper
  • Kylie Liya Page as Taylor
  • Genneya Walton as Bree
  • Dean Goldblum as Todd
  • Kim Syster as Darby’s Mom
  • Milan Maphike as 7-Year-Old Darby
  • Emily Maphike as 13-Year-Old Darby
  • Danica Jones as Coach Paula

Pretending They Hated Each Other

It was immediately apparent how close of friends Auli’i Cravalho and Riele Downs had become while Darby and the Dead were being filmed. Throughout the press conference, they were laughing and having a great time together. They both insist it is impossible to hate the other, but they nevertheless had a lot of fun when asked what it was like to act as though they despised each other.

Playing off of Riele was a lot of fun. Although I don’t think I resemble my character all that much, I will admit that I found it incredibly simple to take on her persona. I’m not really sure, then. Perhaps some of me decided to come out when I was around Capri. It was a lot of fun, and I admire her confidence. Gen Z makes up the entire cast, so we all really, really well played off of each other. Auli’i Cravalho explains.

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It was simple since she has talent, Riele Downs continues. We didn’t despise each other or anything, but it was still challenging. I suppose in certain ways, I resemble my persona a little bit. I tend to be a little more reserved. I suppose I enjoy doing things by myself a lot of the time. However, I believe that Darby prefers to stick to a single color while I like to experiment and try different things.

Supporting Male Roles

Chosen Jacobs and Asher Angel, who are both incredibly brilliant actors, play supporting roles in Darby and the Dead since it features a strong female lead. They both agreed that the writing was what initially drew them to the movie, and neither of them felt that their characters lacked anything.

“Whenever I read a script, my only concern is whether the characters are real and compelling. Whether a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter. Each character has been crafted in great detail. I constantly look for the possibility of a spin-off for each character on their own. that each character actually plays multiple layers of roles. Because of this, I was thrilled to learn that I would be playing roles in a film alongside those of Auli’i, Riele, Asher, and everyone else. It was an honor to work with such talented actors.” Jacobs explains the choice.

Asher agreed right away. “To continue, each of our characters is experiencing something unique, and I believe that as an actor, I get to immerse myself in that. And it’s something I really enjoy doing. And one of my favorite things was getting to work alongside Riele, Auli’i, and Chosen while seeing them go about their daily lives and arrive on set and assume their roles. because it’s pleasant to be in a setting where you may absorb knowledge from others.”

Darby and the Dead Plot

A teenage girl named Darby, who isn’t the most popular person at her college and frequently goes overlooked by her classmates is the subject of the supernatural comedy film. However, there is one element that distinguishes Darby as the movie’s super-special young person. After having a near-death experience, she learned she had the unusual ability to communicate with the dead.

Darby has the ability to communicate with the dead and even use their specific abilities. Even while the power is cool for any teenager, the sophomore can’t use it to improve her college experience. She continues to be the school’s unnoticed girl until Capri, the popular cheerleader, unexpectedly passes away one day.

After Darby discovers the unusual power, the deceased cheerleader confronts her and begs her to fulfill the final wish. Capri is adamant about throwing a lavish party because she believes that it will help her depart the spirit world more quickly. She also promises Darby that she will assist her in becoming the new Ms. Famous of the high school during this process.

Darby and the Dead Trailer

You can watch Darby and the Dead trailer below:

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