Canadian truck drivers inspire protests against health passports around the world

Protestos em Ottawa

Protests in Ottawa (photo) inspire demonstrations in New Zealand, France and in the United States| Photo: Playback/Twitter

In Less than two weeks ago, the wave of protests by truck drivers that paralyzed the capital of Canada calling for an end to restrictive measures related to the coronavirus and mandatory vaccines went beyond the borders of Ottawa and inspired similar demonstrations in other countries.

Last Monday (7), outside the British Parliament, dozens of of people declared solidarity with Canadians. “We are not far-right. We want freedom of choice. I want my granddaughter to grow up in a world where she is free to express different opinions,” a protester told British TV.

The next day, a convoy of trucks and vans blocked streets in front of the New Zealand parliament in Wellington, in protest against two years of strict restrictions.

A Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declined to speak to protesters, claiming most New Zealanders support mandatory immunization. Meanwhile, the city of Cranberra was also putting together a “train for freedom” – as truckers and supporters have been calling themselves.

In Europe, French protesters left the south of France on Wednesday (9) towards the capital, Paris, and the city of Brussels, Belgium, the headquarters of the Union. European Union, also to ask for the end of restrictions imposed on account of the pandemic.

About 01 protesters gathered in a parking lot in Nice on the Mediterranean coast of France, with many displaying Canadian flags in honor of truck drivers in Canada and demanding the lifting of rules banning unvaccinated access to public places. Also from the city of Perpignan, near the border with Spain, there were manifests and group departures for Paris.

In the United States, a group called “Convoio do Povo” intends to depart from the Coachella Valley region, in Indio, California, towards Washington, on March 4th.