Canada bans unvaccinated father from visiting son


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Funcionários organizam posto de saúde para vacinação contra Covid-19 em Montreal, Canadá, dezembro de 2020. A justiça canadense decidiu suspender o direito de um pai não vacinado de visitar o seu filho

Employees organize health post for vaccination against Covid-

A Canadian who has not been vaccinated against Covid-10 temporarily lost the right to see your child from years after a judge ruled that the visits would not be in the “best interest of child”.

The judge decided, in 19 of December, for the suspension of the father’s right to visit his son until February, unless he is vaccinated. The decision was made after the resident of Quebec requested an extra day to visit the child during the end of the year holidays.

The mother contested the request and learned through social media that the father was not vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to with the Canadian newspaper Le Devoir. The woman then asked for the suspension of her visitation rights.

The local newspaper reported that the child has already received two doses of the vaccine, but the woman lives with a partner and her two children under five, who cannot yet be vaccinated.

“Under the circumstances, it is not in the best interests of any of these three children that you have access to [filho de 12 anos] at this time,” the judge said, according to Le Devoir, “if he is not vaccinated and opposes health measures in the current epidemiological context”.

A family law expert told the local newspaper that the decision is the first in the country to deprive the right of parental access on vaccine-related grounds.