Building fire in New York leaves at least 19 dead

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Além das mortes, dezenas de pessoas foram hospitalizadas em estado grave

At least 20 people died, including nine children, and dozens more were injured in a fire in a residential building that occurred on Sunday morning (local time) (9) in the Bronx, New York, according to information from the Reuters agency.

Before, the authorities had reported that 19 people had been hospitalized with serious injuries and about 60 people were injured in total.

According to the city’s Fire Department (FDNY), more than 80 agents were involved in the fire fighting, which started in the third From 17 floors of the apartment complex.

According to CNN, FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said a “faulty electrical heater” was the cause of the fire. The door of the apartment where the fire started was left open and smoke spread throughout the building.

“This is a horrible, horrible and painful time for New York City, and the impact of this fire will really bring a lot of pain and despair to our city,” said Mayor Eric Adams.

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