Brian Laundries Claims Killing Gabby Petito Was ‘Merciful’ in Notebook Confession!

While trekking with his girlfriend Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie insisted on walking barefoot. That’s what Brian stated if it were up to him. He had gotten obsessed with “living with less” and urged Gabby to do the same. In order for her to join him at the camping, he wanted her to “strengthen” her feet.

Gabby occasionally let him off the hook by taking her shoes off as they went for a walk. However, she was prone to putting them back on again and again. The national parks’ grounds were scorching hot, and black widow spiders abounded. Brian and Gabby were on a cross-country road trip in a small van, so they had dirty feet as well. While barefoot, Brian returned to the encampment, where they slept and prepared food. Gabby was a stickler for order and cleanliness.

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Because Gabby Petito was gravely hurt, Brian Laundrie wanted everyone to believe that he had killed her. Attorney for the Laundrie family reportedly provided the contents of the man’s notebook, which was recovered near his remains in a Florida swamp last October and contained a confession, as the FBI announced in January, according to NBC News New York. Pictures show a lengthy suicide note that was still legible even after being submerged for weeks.

He describes how he and Petito were hurrying back to their RV in a Wyoming campground as darkness descended, but Laundrie’s account reads more like an idealized portrayal of a mercy killing. Screams and splashes fill the air, Laundrie wrote in her journal. “I found her gasping for air and breathing heavily.” To try to keep her warm, he started a fire and spooned her, he said, claiming. According to his writings: “She was so skinny, had already been frozen for too long.” He said she had a head injury and was “begging for an end to her misery,” and that she was waking up and falling asleep frequently.

His final words were, “I ended her life, I felt it was merciful, it is what she wanted.” Apologized to her family and requested whoever he intended the letter for, who he claimed had lost a son and a daughter, not to make their lives any more difficult than they already had to deal with. Instead of fearing punishment, he claimed he was taking his own life because he couldn’t continue without Petito. Finally, he asked the person who found the note to come and collect his belongings. “Gabby detested litterbugs,” a friend once said.

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Petito, a 22-year-old who vanished in the summer of 2021 while traveling cross-country with Laundrie, was last heard from by Laundrie. Petito was not to be seen when Laundrie arrived at his family’s Florida house on September 1. His lawyer got him to stop talking, and he vanished without a trace. Petito’s family, meanwhile, was desperate to locate their daughter.

Reports came during the search for Petito that a witness had phoned the police in Moab, Utah, a few weeks before Laundrie returned to his parent’s house, after seeing Petito and Laundrie in a physical argument. Petito was found dead in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park three weeks after Laundrie arrived there. Her death was attributed to “blunt-force injuries to the head and neck, along with manual strangling,” according to the medical examiner.

According to Petito and Laundrie, Laundrie’s parents were aware of Petito’s death but refused to reveal her whereabouts, which led to a lawsuit from Petito’s parents.

The Tampa FBI refused to discuss the contents of the notebook through a spokeswoman. There was no immediate comment from lawyers for the families of Petito and Laundrie.