Brandon Jenner’s Ex-Wife Leah And Pregnant Cayley Stoker Strike a Pose Together

One happy blended family!

Brandon Jenner’s ex-wife Leah Jenner (aka Leah James) flaunted her amicable connection with Jenner’s current girlfriend Cayley Stoker on Instagram on Monday, uploading a nice selfie of the two women.

“Sometimes in life, you just get lucky.” “@caylita you are a gift to me and Eva. #sistermamas,” she captioned the shot, referring to Eva James, her 3-year-old daughter with Jenner.

Stoker leans very close to a smiling James in the shot. Jenner and Stoker announced in August that they are expecting twins.

“We’re madly in love and are very excited about this!” Jenner revealed to PEOPLE.

After learning of Stoker’s pregnancy, the couple informed Eva.

Brandon Jenner's Ex-Wife Leah And pregnant Cayley Stoker Strike a Pose Together

“We told her together,” Jenner explained. “Leah, Cayley and I sat down with her and told her what was happening, and she was very excited and happy. She’s super excited to be a big sister.”

Jenner, the 38-year-old son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, married James, the son of Eagles musician Don Felder, in May 2012. After 14 years together, they announced their separation in September 2018. Since then, the ex-couple has worked hard to keep their friendship and co-parenting relationship intact.

“Leah and I split up in a really beautiful way, and I think we handled it the best way possible,” Jenner explained. “It was a process that took some time to complete.” And now that Leah and I have moved on, I am establishing a family with Cayley, which makes me very pleased.”

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