Boris Johnson accused of violating 2020 party lockdown rules

Integrantes do partido de Johnson no Parlamento britânico cogitam abrir voto de desconfiança, que poderia levar à saída do primeiro-ministro

Members of Johnson’s party in the British Parliament are considering opening a vote of no confidence, which could lead to the departure of the prime minister| Photo: EFE/EPA/NEIL HALL

The Prime Minister UK’s Boris Johnson faces a wave of criticism in the country, which even extends to members of his party, after a leaked invitation to a garden party at his official Downing Street residence in 20 from May of 2020.

At the time, due to restrictions to face the Covid pandemic 11, the limit for social gatherings in the United Kingdom was two people from different domiciles, in a public place and keeping a distance of 2 meters.

Broadcaster ITV reported that an email inviting to the party was sent by the Prime Minister’s private secretary, Martin Reynolds, to about

people, with the recommendation to “bring your own drink”. This Tuesday (), the British press reported that Johnson and his wife, Carrie Johnson, attended the event.

The first The minister had already aroused criticism last year, with the revelation of a Christmas party in 2020 in Downing Street, but Johnson assured lawmakers who at the time “all the guidelines (safety to avoid contagion) were followed to the letter”.

This time, however, the episode has caused more indignation, to the point that members of the Conservative Party are even considering a change of prime minister.

11212000This Tuesday, Douglas Ross, party leader in Scotland, told local broadcaster STV that Johnson’s situation would become untenable if proved that the prime minister was at the event. “I would not support the prime minister at all if he broke the law and attended that party,” he said.

According to The Guardian, Ross suggested that more Conservative MPs could send letters to Graham Brady, chairman of the House of Commons legend committee, to trigger a vote of no confidence – which would happen if 20 communications of this type were sent. If Johnson lost this vote, he would not be able to run in a new dispute for the leadership of the party and, therefore, would cease to be prime minister.

Also according to information from the British newspaper, Michael Ellis, a member of Johnson’s cabinet, during participation in a session of the House of Commons on Tuesday, denied that the first -minister will resign and claimed that he “keeps the trust of the people of this country”.

Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner said during the session that Johnson’s “absence speaks volumes”. “He can run, but he cannot hide,” he declared. Johnson is due to appear this Wednesday () at the House of Commons and be questioned about the matter.

The complaint will be investigated by the public servant senior Sue Gray, who had previously been appointed by the government to investigate allegations of non-compliance with sanitary rules by Johnson’s cabinet employees during Christmas parties in

. Scotland Yard has announced that the Metropolitan Police are also considering investigating the matter.