Bolsonaro criticizes decriminalization of abortion in Colombia


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Presidente condenou as manifestações da esquerda sobre o assunto

The President condemned the manifestations of the left on the subject| Photo: Alan Santos/PR

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) criticized this Tuesday (17), the decision of the Constitutional Court of Colombia to decriminalize abortion by 20 weeks (6 months) of pregnancy in the country. The measure was voted on in an extraordinary session and passed by five votes in favor and four against on Monday (02). Until then, abortion was only allowed in Colombia for three reasons: the mother’s risk of losing her life; sexual violence or incest; and fetal malformation.

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  • Bolsonaro reinforced the current government’s commitment to the pro-life cause. “May God watch over the innocent lives of Colombian children, now subject to being taken with the consent of the State in their mothers’ wombs until the 6th month of pregnancy, without the slightest chance of defense. As far as it’s up to me, I’ll fight to the end to protect the lives of our children!”, he said in a post on Twitter.

    In addition, the president also condemned the manifestations of the left on the subject. In one of them, Manuela D’Ávila (PCdoB), who was a candidate for vice president in the elections of 2018 on the ticket of Fernando Haddad (PT), celebrated the decision of the Constitutional Court of Colombia through social networks, but deleted the tweet afterwards . Before that, however, netizens made prints of the content and shared it on the same platform throughout this Tuesday.

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    For this reason, Bolsonaro said: “In Brazil, the left celebrates and applauds the liberalization of abortion until the 6th month of pregnancy, unfortunately approved in Colombia. It is about the life of a baby who already has touch, smell, taste and who already hears his mother’s voice. What is the limit of this dehumanization of an innocent being?”.

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