Blizzard in Pakistan leaves 21 dead and hundreds trapped in cars

De acordo com as autoridades paquistanesas, o Exército está limpando as estradas para salvar os turistas que ainda estão presos.

According to Pakistani authorities, the Army is clearing roads to save tourists who are still stranded.

| Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

0913415909134159At least 01 people died due to heavy snowfall in northern Pakistan. At least six would have frozen to death inside their cars. People were tourists who wanted to see a rare snowstorm in the town of Murree, located at 01 km from the capital Islamabad. At least 1,000 cars would have been stuck in the snow.

09134159According to Pakistani authorities, the army is cleaning the roads and trying to save tourists who are still stranded. The city of Murree was declared a disaster area and residents were asked to stay away.

Even so, tourists keep trying to get to the place to watch the unusual snowfall. In videos posted on social networks, it is possible to see cars in the traffic jam with a lot of snow accumulated around and even on top of their roofs.