BLACKPINK’s Jennie And BTS’ V Dating Rumors: Pictures of The Couple In Jeju Island Went Viral

One is the biggest boyband in the world currently and the other is K-pop’s biggest girl band. BTS and BlackPink are currently dominating the music industry worldwide. But what if two of the members of the most famous bands on this planet are dating each other? Rumors suggest so.

BlackPink’s Jennie is reported dating BTS’ V and the whole fandom is going crazy. New reports have surfaced online that suggest the couple are spending time on a date and the viral photos are just making the fans more invested in the alleged couple’s life. So, are BlackPink’s Jennie and V dating?  

V Was At BlackPink’s Jennie Private Listening Party For BORN PINK

A private listening party was arranged for the release of BORN PINK on 14th September 022. It was held just two days prior to the release of the album. It is rumored that V was there at the party to support Jennie. It was quite a private event so not many details are available. But the party had many top names in the industry including actors and singers. It was the 2nd regular album of Blackpink and the party was meant for only close people. This was one of those events without managers and associates controlling the entire event.

JTBC reported the news of BTS’ V and BlackPink’s Jennie making their first-ever public appearance in the same space. As a matter of fact, the dating rumors revolving around V and Jennie have been going on for much longer. The artists have never confirmed or denied the rumors but fans are convinced that the biggest names in the K-pop industry are romantically involved with each other.

BlackPink’s Jennie And Taehyung, aka V Went on A Romantic Date To “Jeju” Island

The rumors are believed to be true for many different reasons. This rumored power couple may be keeping their love life out of the public eye but a recent report of 16th September 2022 has proven the couple’s secret relationship. New viral pictures of BlackPink’s Jennie and BTS’ V show that the two are on a couple’s vacation to Jeju island. The news broke out and the photos clearly suggest how much the two are enjoying each other’s company.

Jennie Blackpink
Jennie Blackpink

They were seen having a date course and checking off the places to visit. One photo shows V kissing BlackPink’s Jennie on the forehead. Many fans are losing over the photos, whereas others claim that these are just edited pictures. They visited the golden statue as well as an animal ranch. The debate is still ongoing regarding the authenticity of the photos but if it is a piece of true news, this will be a big deal.

Moreover, the fans who are trying to ship BlackPink’s Jennie and V believe that this is the couple’s way of confirming their relationship with the world.

Despite getting all the exclusive updates both the dedicated Army and Blinks are upset over the fact that their icons are being watched all the time. Some are constantly following their moves and leaking private images that the rumored couple isn’t aware of. This is kind-of breaching the privacy of the stars and their life. It might not be official yet but the chances of the two most powerful figures dating are high.

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When were BlackPink’s Jennie And BTS’ V First Reported To Be Dating?

The rumors about BlackPink’s Jennie and V dating have been going around the internet since May. Though the couple tried to keep it as private as possible, the media tends to always find a way to have access to the news. In May of 2022, one of the fans posted a very blurry photo of a male and a female inside a car. Their faces weren’t that clear but fans believe it to be V and Jennie. 

Regarding this, both Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment are choosing to be absolutely silent. So, you cannot be fully sure about the news until and unless any one of the parties fully confirms it.

Furthermore, fans have gone berserk after the photos went viral and Twitter is flooding with tweets.

A user wrote, “Taehyung is such a supportive boyfriend. Attending the private listening party of born pink which is also exclusive only for YG artists. I LOVE THEM.”

Another tweeted, “God they are going to be such a power couple if they go public.”

A third came to the conversation to mention the authenticity of the news, “also I want to remind people that jtbc is literally a whole network that works with hybe, so yes they are reliable.”

As a whole, the entire fandom is excited. This will be such epic news once the couple makes it official. So, do you believe that BlackPink’s Jennie and BTS’ V are a couple?

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