Bills Coach Mcdermott Gets Emotional During News Conference

Bills Coach Mcdermott Gets Emotional During News Conference. Bills head coach Sean McDermott said that safety Damar Hamlin is still the team’s “No. 1 concern” on Thursday.

It was the first time McDermott had talked to reporters since Hamlin passed out in the first quarter of the team’s game against the Bengals in Cincinnati on Monday Night Football. After the scary thing that happened on the field, McDermott reminded the players all week to take care of themselves. The team has also given them more counselors and other help.

McDermott said that mental health is a real thing. “A coach’s job is about more than just teaching Xs and Os. There’s much more to it than that.”

Josh Allen, one of the many Bills players who were shocked by Hamlin’s scary injury, said he and his teammates will never forget what they saw on the field Monday.

But the two-time Pro Bowler couldn’t be happier to hear that Hamlin has made a lot of progress.

Allen said, “We heard the news today, and nothing else could be told to us that would make our day worse.” “All we want to do is make out with him.”

McDermott told reporters that the Bills’ regular-season finale against the Patriots (8–8) on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET at Highmark Stadium is the right choice, even though it will be an emotional game. He also thinks that the mood will be “like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

McDermott said, “Damar’s dad told us, and I strongly agree, that this is what Damar wants.”

Before Thursday’s update, McDermott didn’t hold his usual press conference on Wednesday morning. Before Thursday, the Bills had not practiced this week. On Wednesday, they had a team meeting and a short walkthrough on the field.

Bills Coach Mcdermott Gets Emotional During News Conference
Bills Coach Mcdermott Gets Emotional During News Conference

According to the Associated Press, the NFL has decided not to play Monday’s postponed game between Buffalo and New England. The AP says that the league is still trying to figure out how the playoffs will be set up and in what order. After the league makes a decision, the NFL Players Association must approve the changes.

Hamlin’s heart stopped beating after he tackled Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins in what seemed like a normal play. Hamlin was given medical care on the field, including CPR, and was then taken to a hospital in Cincinnati.

In a statement released earlier Thursday, the Bills said that Hamlin had shown “remarkable improvement” in the last 24 hours and that he seemed to be “neurologically intact” and was making “steady progress.”

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