Is Big Sky Season 4 Returning on FuboTV?

The season 3 finale of Big Sky will air on ABC on January 18 after 13 great episodes. It’s been another great season with a great central mystery and lots of turns and twists.

As season 3 comes to an end, fans are starting to look ahead and have a lot of questions about what will happen to the show on ABC. Once, it was easy to predict and keep track of which shows would be canceled and which would be renewed. Now, because TV is always changing, it’s hard for viewers to keep track of when shows will end or come back.

Now that the season is over, let’s think about what’s to come… Whether it still has one is the question.

Is Big Sky Canceled?

The good news is that Big Sky has not been canceled, and ABC is still very likely to keep the show going. It’s not clear when ABC will decide what will happen to the show, but we think it won’t be after May 2023, before the network’s annual Upfronts presentation.

Big Sky Season 4
Big Sky Season 4

Is Big Sky Season 4 Happening?

ABC hasn’t canceled or renewed Big Sky yet, so the show’s future is still very uncertain. Since the season finale is on January 18, it’s likely that ABC will decide what will happen to the show in the coming weeks, after it has had a chance to see how well it does on streaming services.

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There is a lot of hope that the show will come back for a fifth season because it is able to get big-name guest stars and does well every time. But ABC could just as easily cancel the show if it only looked at how well it did in the linear ratings. We say this because, by those measures, the show is currently ABC’s least-watched drama of the season.

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When Could Season 4 of Big Sky Come out? 

If ABC orders a fourth season of Big Sky, it’s likely that the show will come back in the fall of 2023 as part of ABC’s fall lineup for 2023-24. Since its debut in November 2020, the show has always been on Wednesday nights in the fall, so it’s possible that ABC will keep the same schedule if the show comes back for next season.

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