Bad Bunny Dead or Alive: His Car Accident Death Hoax Explored!

Bad Bunny is still alive. The singer fell prey to a fraud claiming his death was due to a car accident. Social media is one of the key places where people find celebrity news. Nevertheless, technology has also made it easier for false information to spread.

Such heinous death hoaxes have previously claimed the lives of famous people like Tom Holland, Dua Lipa, and Simon Cowell.

Bad Bunny Car Accident Death Hoax Explored

A website named Breaking News 247 was used to create false news, which led to the report that Bad Bunny had been in a car accident. The website is frequently used to fabricate news stories to trick people. This time, a user went out of their way to trick people into thinking the singer had passed away.

Bad Bunny Dead or Alive
Bad Bunny Dead or Alive

The headline read:

“Bad Bunny found dead in a car accident.” The report further claimed: “Bad Bunny was driving when officers say they found her body and car in the side of a lake.”

The website does have a line that states:

“This is a satirical website. Don’t take it Seriously. It’s a joke.”

Famous people that passed away at the age of 80:

The Singer is Alive and Well in 2023

In 2023, Bad Bunny is still around and communicating with his followers via social media. The singer has been very active on Instagram, sharing a vintage video.

The musician has been collaborating with Adidas for his Campus Lite shoes at the same time. Recently, it was disclosed that the company would be releasing the shoe in a new shade, an olive one. The sneakers’ official release date has not yet been disclosed.

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