Attack Video And Audio of Paul Pelosi Being Released on Friday

A California court has ruled that the District Attorney’s Office is required to make the materials public. As a result, the video and audio recordings were taken during the assault on Paul Pelosi will be made available on Friday.

According to the San Francisco Superior Court, the audio recordings from police interviews with the alleged attacker, David DePape, as well as 911 calls, footage from police body cameras, and home surveillance video, among other pieces of investigative material, are scheduled to be made public at noon Eastern Time (ET).

Attack Video And Audio of Paul Pelosi
Attack Video And Audio of Paul Pelosi

The police body cam footage from the incident is expected to show what officers saw when Pelosi, the husband of former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, opened the door to the couple’s home in San Francisco, and his assailant attacked him with a hammer, fracturing his skull. CNN previously reported this.

Following a motion filed by a coalition of news organizations, including CNN, arguing that the circumstances surrounding the residence of the then-speaker of the House required transparency, the court decided to mandate the public release of the materials. This decision came as a direct result of the motion.

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The attorneys for DePape argued against making the audio and footage available to the public, stating that doing so would “irreparably undermine” their client’s right to a fair trial. In connection with the incident, DePape has been charged with a multitude of state and federal charges, including assault and attempted murder, but he has pled not guilty to all of them.

Attack Video And Audio of Paul Pelosi

According to court filings, Pelosi was violently struck with a hammer in October at the couple’s House by a man assailant who was hunting for the then-House speaker. This event was ultimately responsible for Nancy Pelosi’s decision to stand back from House Democratic leadership.

According to the records filed in court, DePape allegedly woke Paul Pelosi just after 2 a.m., brandishing a heavy hammer and several white zip ties, and demanded: “Where’s Nancy? Who knows where Nancy is? According to the records, he threatened to tie up Paul Pelosi and stopped him from escaping via the elevator. After some time had passed, DePape allegedly said to him, “I can take you out.”

After Paul Pelosi had successfully persuaded his attacker to let him use the restroom, where his phone was charging, he dialed 911 and communicated cryptically with the responding officers.

Following the attack, Paul Pelosi underwent surgery “to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands,” a spokesman for Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

The Democratic lawmaker expressed to the media on Thursday that she is taking the recovery of her spouse “one day at a time.”

“He’s made some progress but it’ll be about at least three more months, I think, until he’ll be back to normal, but the prayers are very helpful,” Pelosi said.

On Thursday, she commented to the press that she had not watched the encounter video and was unsure if she will.

“It would be very difficult to witness an attempt made on my husband’s life. However, I am not sure.”