The Report Says That Ashanti and Nelly Are Dating Again but They Keep Silent

Their admirers are hopeful that the rumored “dating again” between Ashanti and Nelly will lead to a permanent reconciliation between the two. They have been romantically linked since the early 2000s, and their sizzling performance last year drew a lot of attention.

Supporters hoped they’d get back together and wished they’d never broken up, but Ashanti and Nelly stayed mum about their relationship in the press.

Ashanti and Nelly Are Reportedly Dating Again

According to an exclusive report from Media Take Out, Ashanti and Nelly are apparently “dating again.” The publication claims to have heard from a “reliable source” that “the singer began dating during the tour, and things have gotten fairly serious between them.”

In the same article, Nelly is quoted as laughing off concerns about their relationship and pointing out that Ashanti wore his jewelry in a photo from the recent Grammys.

Ashanti and Nelly Are Dating Again
Ashanti and Nelly Are Dating Again

Not one of them has addressed the rumors that they will get back together in 2023, though.

“Ashanti and Nelly back together period I need that chilli and usher vibe ❤️🫶🏾.”

What We Know About Their Relationship

We know they dated back in the day, and based on what Ashanti has said, they seem to be doing much better than they were previously. In December of 2022, she responded to a question about the palpable energy she and Nelly shared onstage the previous year.

“My reaction was wow. It was a lot of comments and a lot of people wanting that. What I will say is we’re in a better place. You know, cause before, it was like (mimics fighting). But we’re cool now.”

A query from Andy Cohen, who wondered if she meant they would be getting back together, was similarly sidestepped.

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Fans Have Been Shipping Them Since the “Body on Me” Performance

As the world witnessed their sultry performance of “Body on Me” in December 2022, rumors about Nelly and Ashanti’s private lives spread like wildfire. Ashanti’s grinding of Nelly left the crowd roaring and hot, leading many to speculate that the two were back together.

Fans have been encouraged by recent rumors that the couple may soon confirm their relationship rumors to the world.