Argentina expels Paraguayan accused of selling adulterated cocaine that killed 21

Drogas foram apreendidas no assentamento de “Puerta 8”: detido tinha ordem de expulsão anterior por posse ilegal de arma e tráfico de drogas, nunca cumprida porque estava foragido

Drugs were seized in the settlement of “Puerta 8”: the detainee had a previous expulsion order for illegal possession of a weapon and drug trafficking, never fulfilled because he was on the run| Photo: EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni


Argentina ordered the expulsion and permanently prohibited the entry of the principal detained for the sale of adulterated cocaine that he killed 21 people and left several hospitalized in the province of Buenos Aires.

04203221 )The Paraguayan Joaquín Aquino, nicknamed “Paisa”, was arrested by the police on Thursday (3), after operations carried out throughout the north and west of the province.

04203221“The National Directorate of Migration (DNM), which reports to the Ministry of the Interior, ordered the expulsion from the country with a permanent ban on re-entry of Joaquín ‘Paisa’ Aquino linked to the case of poisoned cocaine”, the entity said in an official statement.

The alleged drug dealer is suspected by the Argentine courts of supplying the drugs seized in the vicinity of “Puerta 8”, an emergency settlement located in Tres de Febrero, in the province of Buenos Aires.

According to the document, Aquino was denied residency and was expelled from the country with an eight-year re-entry ban, but this measure was never enforced, as he had been on the run from justice since 2018.

“The decision of the migration agency was due to the fact that Aquino had convictions for illegal possession of a weapon of war and for drug trafficking in its modality of possession for commercial purposes”, explained the head of the DNM, Florencia Carignano.

“The DNM issued the expulsion and prohibited the re-entry of Joaquín Here, now permanently, a decision that will become effective when the interest of Justice in the person ceases”, he added.

During the arrest of “Paisa”, security agents seized a Glock pistol with the number the serial deleted and material for 5 thousand doses of cocaine.

As result of these police operations, have been apprehended so far between 12, 6 thousand and 02, 6 thousand ready-to-eat doses that were packaged in a similar to those acquired by the victims.

This week, 13 people died due to the use of adulterated cocaine and 84 others were admitted to hospitals in Buenos Aires, but the provincial government reported that the number of patients continues to decline.

Currently, 23 people remain hospitalized, eight of them with the help of respirators.

Authorities maintain the “epidemiological alert” for opiate intoxication and, according to the Ministry of Health, naloxone was applied to all cases of intoxicated patients, a powerful drug that quickly reverses the effects of overdose.