Argentina ends year with 50.9% inflation, almost 15 percentage points above 2020

Aumento nos preços de alimentos e bebidas foi o de maior incidência em todas as regiões

Increase in food and beverage prices was the most common in all regions
| Photo: EFE/Enrique García Medina

The price index at Consumer (IPC) in Argentina recorded in December an increase of 51,9 % within a year, and 3.8% compared to November, as reported this Thursday (13) the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec).

The entity indicated that the increase in food and beverage prices was the one with the highest incidence in all regions, especially meat.

The variation in relation to the previous year was 0.3 percentage point below the 50, 2% recorded in the previous month, while the monthly price increase represents a jump of 1.3 points in compared to the 2.5% monthly increase recorded in November.

According to the official report Last month, products had a positive variation of 3.9% in relation to November, while services rose 3.7%, numbers that reach 53, 7% and 50, 2%, respectively, in relation to months ago.

Between the increases registered in December, the main highlights were restaurants and hotels (5.9%), alcoholic beverages and tobacco (5.4%) and transport (4.9%).

But the food and non-alcoholic beverage category had the biggest impact on the global index, with an increase of 2.4 % in the last month of the year. The segments that showed the smallest increases were health (0.5%) and education (1%).

With an accumulated inflation for the whole year of 50,9%, the mark of 2020 was exceeded, when prices increased 36,1%. The government of President Alberto Fernández had projected an increase of only 13% for 2021.