Are Phil and Dan Dating in 2022? Relationship Update About ‘DanAndPhilGAMES’

As we know, YouTube has become the free reality TV that serves us with the gossip of the creators’ life. Just like many other fans, we love to stay updated about the relationship status of our favorite social media couples. Every creator has got its own community with its own set audience. If you are a dedicated fan of YouTube’s gaming community, you may already know ‘DanAndPhilGAMES’. The channel is operated by the British duo Dan Howell and Phil Lester and they have more than millions of viewers watching them constantly. Their continuous fights, sweet love story, and killer gaming skills are what the fans have been enjoying for more than a decade.

Though the main intention of their channel is to promote their gaming talents, fans are highly invested in Dan and Phil’s private life. This has made many fans wonder whether Phil and Dan are dating in 2022. Or is there any other secret in their love life? Well, you have nothing to worry about since we have got the juicy details that you might not want to miss. Also, check Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating In 2022?

Are Dan And Phil Dating? The Secret Love of the Youtubers

In 2019, Dan has openly come out to his fans as gay on his personal YouTube channel. He shared the news with bravery and later, he also confessed the genuine feelings he had for Phil.

Are Phil And Dan Dating
Are Phil And Dan Dating

The gamer openly discussed his relationship with Phil in his channel and said, “It was more than just a love affair,” “This is someone who genuinely cared about my health. I trusted them. For the first time since I was a tiny child, I felt safe… we are truly great friends. As in, true soulmates.”

However, this didn’t share much insight into their love life and relationship status. After narrating his side of the story, Dan stated, “I’m sure a lot of people want to know a lot more than that, which I take as a compliment,”  “I prefer to keep my personal life private; Phil is similar.”

So, there was no confirmation or denial of the romantic involvement of fellow gamers. But things started getting more rumor-worthy when Phil uploaded his coming out video separately on his YouTube channel. Even after having high hopes from the video, fans didn’t get the answer whether Dan and Phil are in any sort of relationship. Read Who Is Briana Dejesus Dating?

The Couple Bought a House

Although it has been all hush-hush, in 2021 they revealed on Twitter that the duo have bought their house together. It has been a while since Dan and Phil posted any sort of collaborative video on their joint gaming channel. Their last joint appearance on the channel was on 24th December 2018. Moreover, Dan even chose to take a break from his commitment to post YouTube videos for a few years. In spite of this decision, the fans have seen Dan popping up numerous times on his rumored lover, Phil’s channel.

The fans have been asking questions regarding the future of the gaming channel for quite some time. Thus, in January 2021, Dan addressed all of the concerns to say, “We haven’t made some secret dramatic decision about secretly never coming back,” “I’m just taking time. Maybe we’ll return to it, maybe we’ll do streaming, Twitch stuff. Maybe we’ll just do other things like this in the future. 

To that Phil added, “We didn’t know how long the pause was going to be and we didn’t anticipate that,” “But at the moment, it’s still like, we don’t know.” 

However, after a major break, Dan came back to share videos on his channel in May 2022. He uploaded a video titled “Why I Quit YouTube” where he discussed all the stress, anxiety and mental health issues he has been struggling with that led to the decision.

Dan started being a part of a new show, “Dystopia Daily” and on the 7th September 2022’s episode, Phil came on board to share a video titled “Dan and Phil Finally Tell the Truth”.

Well, sadly, even this video revealed nothing about the couple’s relationship. 

Phil said, “People share too much on the internet, and then everyone wants a little piece of your life,” “So, I like to be aloof and a little mysterious.”

 So that’s the answer folks. Even if the duo is in a relationship, they will probably never openly share it since they do not want to reveal too much of their love life. The duo may be happy keeping their love life secret and if that happens, the fans just want them to be at their best together.

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