When Will Apple Launch Its Standalone Classical Music App?

Apple has announced that Apple Music Classical, a separate app for classical music, will be released on March 28. After buying the music service Primephonic in 2021, the company had planned to release a classical-focused app by the end of last year.

It didn’t make that goal, but the service is almost here now. Instead of being built into iOS, it will be available in the App Store as a separate download. A standard Apple Music subscription gives you access to the app.

According to the sources, Apple said in a press release, 

“Apple Music Classical makes it quick and easy to find any recording in the world’s largest classical music catalog with fully optimized search, and listeners can enjoy the highest audio quality available, and experience many classical favorites in a whole new way with immersive spatial audio,” 

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Classical music is often seen as one of the best ways to use spatial audio, which gives recordings a more real feel. The app will also have “hundreds of curated playlists, thousands of exclusive albums, insightful composer biographies, deep-dive guides for many important works, easy-to-use browsing features, and much more.”

When Will Apple Launch Its Standalone Classical Music App?
When Will Apple Launch Its Standalone Classical Music App?

Apple Music Classical will stream at up to 192 kHz/24-bit hi-res lossless, and Apple says it will have “thousands” of spatial audio recordings. Like Primephonic, it will have complete and accurate metadata, which is hard for services that offer all kinds of music. You can search “by composer, work, conductor, or even catalog number, and find specific recordings instantly.”

Putting in more effort to attract classical music fans could help Apple Music stand out as the company keeps cutting into Spotify’s lead in subscription music. Just yesterday, Spotify announced that it would change its interface to look more like TikTok and other social apps.

At first, Apple Music Classical will only work on iOS, but TechCrunch says an Android version is in the works. Apple Music is already available on multiple platforms, so it makes sense for Apple Music Classical to do the same.