Anne Heche Regretted Losing Role In This Oscar-Nominated Tom Cruise Movie

Anne Heche, seven months before her untimely death, said she almost starred with Tom Cruise in the 1996 romantic comedy “Jerry Maguire” and explained what she believed was responsible for her not getting the role.

Anne Heche said on Tuesday’s episode of the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, which was recorded in January, that she did a “screen test” for the part of Dorothy Boyd, which went to Renée Zellweger.

Anne Heche says that she might have insulted Cameron Crowe, who was in charge of making the movie, during the audition.

“I said, ‘I don’t know who she is, because he doesn’t really love her.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

So I don’t know what this movie is about,'” she remembered telling him. “He didn’t love her very much. She hoped he would love her. Bye, no, that doesn’t make sense.”

“After that, my agent called me up and said, ‘Are you crazy? Did you just say that this movie has no point? “I said, “Yes,” and my agent told me right away that I didn’t get the part,” the actress said.

“Well, but you can’t write a love story where the guy doesn’t really love the girl,” I told him.

Anne Heche said, “If something doesn’t make sense, I have the power to ask the question and learn.” She said she was a very “logical” person.

But she said she “learned” to “control” her feelings and “shut [her] mouth a little bit” in the end. “But I was a little wild child back then.”

Anne Heche Regretted Losing Role In This Oscar-Nominated Tom Cruise Movie

“Jerry Maguire” not only got great reviews from critics and fans, but it also made more than $273 million around the world.

The movie was nominated for five Oscars, and Cuba Gooding Jr. won for Best Supporting Actor. It was also nominated for three Golden Globes, and Tom Cruise won for Best Actor.

Anne Heche didn’t miss the fact that the movie was a hit.

“Dude. I know, you can trust me. Believe me. She told Yontef, “I know for sure what happened.”

“These are things I’ve done wrong in my life. Tell Cameron Crowe that his movie doesn’t make sense. This is something I’m willing to admit in my 12-step program for admitting stupid things I’ve done.

She said she “never saw Tom Cruise again,” but she wanted to.

Anne Heche ‘Not Expected To Survive’ After Suffering Brain Injury in Car Crash

On August 5, the actress drove her car into a Los Angeles home. At first, it was said that her condition was stable, but she “slipped” into a coma and never woke up. On August 12, she was said to be brain dead.

At the time, her rep told Page Six that she had a severe brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen.

After a match with an organ donor, she was taken off life support on Sunday.

After that, the Los Angeles Police Department dropped their investigation into Heche, who was reportedly driving while high on cocaine at the time of the crash.

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