Andrea Brooks Pregnant: ‘When Calls The Heart’ Star Reveals The Gender of Baby No. 2 In Exclusive Interview

Is Andrea Brook Pregnant? Andrea Brooks, who plays the beloved doctor in Hope Valley on When Calls the Heart, told ET’s Deidre Behar in an exclusive interview that she is expecting her second child. The Canadian actress talks openly about her second pregnancy, including when she’s due, the baby’s gender and how she used props to hide her growing belly while filming the tenth season of the period drama.

Plus, scroll down to see the beautiful pictures she took of her pregnancy during a long break on set, with help from the WCTH crew.

ET: Congrats on baby no. 2! How are you feeling? Any cravings?

Andrea Brooks:

You’re right! The secret is now out in the open. Overall, I’m in good shape. The second time I do it, it’s a lot different because I know what to expect. Surprisingly, I haven’t wanted to eat nearly as much this time around. I was all about pickles, eggnog and Subway sandwiches the last time we met. Because subs were such a big part of my last pregnancy, Erin Krakow still sends me pictures of them. I’m eating veggies with hummus at all hours of the day right now and I’ve also started drinking big cups of hot chocolate every time we have to shoot at night for work.

Andrea Brooks Pregnant
Andrea Brooks Pregnant

When Are You Due?

I’ll have my baby at the end of the year! It will be such a great way to end the year 2022! I’m so excited!

I’d say this one has been easier because I don’t have as many worries about it. I’ve been busy at work and haven’t done nearly as much Googling. Wormholes on the internet can really keep a pregnant woman up at night. I’d say I’m much more calm and sure of myself when it comes to being a parent.

Do You Know The Gender of The baby?

It’s a baby…… boy!

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Do You Have Names In Mind? Drawing From Any Specific Inspiration?

I’m not sure what to do about the name game right now. I have a list of things to do on my phone right now, but it changes often. I keep telling myself that I’ll decide on a name one of these weekends. On the other hand, Viola has already given the baby a name. If we don’t watch out, she might sign the birth certificate instead of us. I have to say, she’s pretty good with her writing tools for a preschooler.

How Is Viola Feeling About Becoming A Big Sister? How Did You Tell Her The News?

She’s very happy. A lot of her little friends have had babies in the past year, so I think she has a good idea of what to expect. When I told her she was going to be a big sister, she wasn’t very excited. In fact, I remember that she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Yes, mama, I know!” I said so!’ I think she thought the same thing about our family because she had seen her friends become big brothers and sisters. It wasn’t even close to a TikTok-worthy emotional moment.

You’ve been working the whole time you’ve been pregnant. How did that make you feel? Were you having fun with your clothes and props?

It’s been quite an adventure! This is the second time I’ve been pregnant while filming When Calls the Heart (the first time was season 7) and I’ll always be grateful to Hallmark Channel, our writers, showrunner, directors and producers for their support. I owe a lot of credit to our talented costume designer, Barbara Gregusova, for her brilliant designs and to our stellar camera department, which makes sure I’m always shooting my scenes from the right angles. My hair and makeup artists, Jill Tymos and Denean Dale are always coming up with new ways to draw attention away from my face with hair and makeup. If you’re going to watch season 10 of “When Calls the Heart,” you might want to play a drinking game called “Watch Faith Carter hide her midsection.” I wish I could tell you all the clever ways we’ve found to hide the baby bump, but I don’t want to give anything away. I almost feel like I could write a book about how to hide a pregnancy on TV at this point.

What Are You Most Excited About, When It Comes To Being A Family Of Four?

I’m most looking forward to Viola taking on the role of big sister. The number four is so nice and even. I hope that having an equal number of parents and children works out for us. I admire any family where there are more children than parents. How do you guys do it?!

What Are You Most Nervous About, If Anything?

I’m still trying to find a good balance between work and home life, but now I have two kids, which makes me a little nervous. I want my kids to have a strong work ethic that they can hopefully pick up from us, but I also want to be there for them and not miss any big moments.

Have any of your castmates given you gifts, mementos, or words of congratulations? If so, please tell us who the gift was from and what it was.

The best thing about being on a show that’s been on the air for almost a decade is that the cast and crew have become very close. So many people from our show have grown up, gotten engaged, gotten married, and started families. A lot of parents also appear on our show. I’ve had so many interesting talks on set about preschool, babies, being a parent, and juggling everything. Pascale Hutton can always answer any question I have about raising kids, and I’m so grateful for her help. Also, the costume department left me a cute crocheted baby hat the other day in my trailer. Cass, thanks! I’m feeling the love for sure.

Any other Message You’d Like To Share?

Everyone has been busy during the second half of When Calls the Heart’s shooting season. Since the beginning of the season, my best hair and makeup artists, Denean and Jill, and I had been talking about doing another maternity photo shoot. However, I didn’t want to schedule anything on the weekend because everyone needs to rest. I joked that I could just bring a dress to work and shoot in the fields of Hope Valley, which is very pretty And guess what? That’s exactly what we did! I had a couple of scenes off one day, and while the camera was set up for a long time, Denean and Jill set up a whole maternity shoot for me right before sundown. They changed my hair and makeup, and then we ran out into the field and shot everything in 15 minutes. We even got a few pictures with some horses from the show that you might recognize. Denean, who makes her own content, took all of the photos, and Andrew Tran, who is the second assistant director on When Calls the Heart, held the bounce. This will always be one of my favorite things about being pregnant, and it really shows how much of a community we’ve built on this show.

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