Anderson Cooper Parents: What Happened To Anderson Cooper Father?

Anderson Cooper is a well-known journalist and television host. He is the son of American socialite, artist, fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt, writer, producer, and actor Wyatt Cooper. Anderson’s parents were significant figures in the 1970s New York City social scene.

Anderson’s father died when he was ten, leaving his mother to raise him alone. Despite her demanding schedule, Gloria did a fantastic job raising her son to be well-rounded. Anderson has continued to make his mother proud as an adult by becoming one of the world’s most regarded journalists.

Anderson Cooper’s parents are Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Cooper. Vanderbilt is a well-known socialite and heiress, while Cooper is a writer and television producer. The couple had two sons together, Anderson and Carter, before divorcing in 1978.

Is Anderson Cooper’S Family Rich?

Yes, Anderson Cooper comes from an affluent family. Gloria Vanderbilt, an heiress, and socialite who died in 2019, was his mother.

Anderson Cooper Parents

Wyatt Cooper, his father, was also a wealthy attorney. Anderson’s older brother, Carter Cooper, sadly committed su*cide in 1988.

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What Happened To Anderson Coopers Father?

Wyatt Cooper, Anderson Cooper’s father, died suddenly of a heart attack on January 5, 1978, at 50. At the time, Anderson was just ten years old. Wyatt Cooper was a well-known Hollywood writer and producer, and his de@th surprised many.

Anderson has stated that his father’s de@th had a tremendous impact on him and made him more aware of his own mortality.

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