Almost Paradise Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Almost Paradise Season 2 Release Date: The Christian Kane-led series Almost Paradise has been renewed for Season 2 at IMDb TV, more than 20 months after it aired its freshman finale on WGN America. Almost Paradise is a television series created by Dean Devlin (Leverage) and Gary Rosen (The Librarians), who will also serve as co-showrunners.

It centers on Alex Walker (Kane), a former U.S. DEA agent forced into early retirement after his partner betrays him and he faces a life-threatening battle with hypertension. Alex then moves to a small, tropical island in the Philippines. Walker, formerly the DEA’s most inventive undercover agent, now manages the gift store of the island’s five-star resort hotel.

The opulent resort has drawn the wealthy, powerful, and occasionally criminal — elite from all over the world, often on a collision course with Alex. However, he manages to convert from a top DEA agent to a laid-back islander. Despite his best attempts, Alex cannot start a peaceful new life because he keeps coming into individuals from his previous life or his pals in the local police, Kai Mendoza (played by Samantha Richelle) and Ernesto Alamares.

Almost Paradise Season 2 Release Date

The network introduced the show on January 19, 2020. Season 1 of “Almost Paradise” debuted on WGN America on March 30, 2020, at 10:00 p.m. ET. The 10-hour-long episodes of the show ended on June 1, 2020.

The second season of Almost Paradise has been added to IMDb TV, Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming service. So, if it draws the projected audience, it will undoubtedly return for another season. If it happens, the second season of “Almost Paradise” will debut in March 2023.

Who Could Appear in Almost Paradise Season 2?

Alex Walker, a law enforcement officer who is in a health crisis and is advised to resign and move to a different area to focus on his health, is portrayed by Christian Kane (‘Just Married’). Kai Mendoza, a detective with the Cebu police force who is not Alex, is the character Richelle plays. Ernesto Almares, Kai’s boyfriend and an essential squad member, is joined by Acua.

Almost Paradise Season 2 Release Date
Almost Paradise Season 2 Release Date

Showrunner Dean Devlin discussed his experience reuniting with Christian Kane in an interview with Deadline. Dean continued, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christian Kane previously on our successful program Leverage and The Librarians series.” We’re thrilled that he’s agreed to appear in our show, Almost Paradise. Christian possesses the ideal combination of ability, wit, and intelligence for the lead part in Almost Paradise.”

Ike Ocampo was succeeded as the head of the Cebu Police Department by Buencamino. Cory, the hotel manager in the Philippines where Alex is staying, is portrayed by Quesada. Most lead performers are expected to return for season 2 if and when it happens.

Recap of Almost Paradise Season 1

An ex-DEA agent forced into early retirement runs a gift shop in the Philippines. Despite his best efforts to start a new life peacefully, he is drawn back into a world of dangerous people and terrible situations through contacts with past acquaintances or his pals in the local police force. And the issue is that he enjoys doing it.

What Could the Almost Paradise Season 2 Plot Be About?

In the United States, Alex Walker is a DEA agent who fights crime and kicks asses. He is one of the most accomplished and well-known members of the squad. However, the law enforcement officer is forced to retire early due to a recent betrayal by a fellow officer and his deteriorating health from high blood pressure and stress.

He contacts a doctor, who advises him to avoid all types of stress. For this reason, Alex chooses to go to an island in the Philippine Archipelago. He agrees to take a new job managing the gift shop at a luxurious resort. He receives benefits from a nearby US Air Force base.

Alex observes a few notorious criminals from the island’s elite gangs conducting business at the hotel as he grows accustomed to the tranquil and relaxed pace of the place. Naturally, Alex is drawn into their illegal activities and decides to discipline them before returning to the world of preventing crime and upholding the law.

He meets investigator Kai on the island, who initially views Alex as stiff and haughty but soon grows fond of him after realizing how different the two are. The first season comes to a thrilling conclusion with lots of surprises, plot twists, and gunfire. In Season 2, Alex and Kai will continue doing their best: catching infamous criminals where Season 1 left off.

Almost Paradise Season 2 Trailer

The second season of Almost Paradise has yet to have a trailer released. Here is a link to the season 1 trailer:


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Frequently Asked Questions About Almost Paradise Season 2

Has Almost Paradise been postponed?

Almost Paradise has not been postponed, to be exact.

Is Netflix hosting Almost Paradise?

You may check if Almost Paradise is on Netflix at NetflixSchedule if we are not tracking Netflix release dates.

How many seasons are there in Almost Paradise?

There will be 1 season of Almost Paradise by December 2022.

When does Almost Paradise start?

On WGN America, Almost Paradise will air at TBA ET and TBA PT. Additionally, you can research Almost Paradise start timings in other time zones.

Will Almost Paradise return for a second season?

The following season has not yet been announced. As soon as there are any new announcements, we’ll update this page.

When was the initial release of Almost Paradise?

The initial release of Almost Paradise was on Monday, March 30, 2020.