What Alexa’s Dad Adam Alfia Does For A Living As Fans Swoon Over His Looks And Riches

Brennon Lemieux from Love Is Blind recently got to know Adam Alfia, the father of his girlfriend Alexa. Fans of the Netflix series are really interested in the romance between Brennon and Alexa from season 3. The two developed a romance right away when the show started.

The water treatment engineer finally got to meet Adam, Alexa’s well-off father, in the eighth episode. Since episode 7 of the series aired, many fans have commented on the pair’s encounter.

Brennon Meets Alexa’s Dad Adam Alfia For The First Time

The uneasiness was felt by everyone viewing Brennon’s initial encounter with Alexa’s family on their screens. Brennon handled the unpleasant inquiries from Alexa’s father Adam and her family members like a pro.

Adam’s opulent home is shown in a montage as Brennon and Alexa enter. Brennon was grilled by Alexa’s father on a variety of topics, including his occupation and the number of previous relationships he had. Alon, Alexa’s cousin, inquired if Brennon had any reservations about Alexa’s affiliation with different faith and culture.

Alexa Love Is Blind Dad
Alexa Love Is Blind Dad

Brennon provided acceptable and reassuring responses to all the awkward queries. Later, Alexa’s father pulled Brennon aside for a private discussion. Adam brings up the subject of their and Brennon’s disparity in wealth and says, “She expects a lot out of life.

Adam continues, “I just want to make sure that she gets somebody who can provide her, you know, what she’s grown up with. She expects just the way we live our lives and you know, enjoy life to the fullest sort of people.

As Brennon points to the wealth in Adam’s home, he says, “I can’t promise you today, tomorrow, or in a year, I can’t give her this. He continues by describing how he grew up without heat or air conditioning in his home.

Additionally, he pledged to “work every day, work my a** off to provide her the finest life that she deserves” to Adam.

What Does Alexa’s Dad Adam Alfia Do For A Living?

Following the most recent Love Is Blind program, many viewers started discussing about Adam’s wealth. Some others enquired as to his line of work. Adam describes himself as “a serial entrepreneur specialized in the hospitality business and technology sector” on his LinkedIn page.

He is one of Real-Time Feedback’s co-founders. He founded the business in 2016. For the past 18 years, Adam has also held the position of managing director at Maestro Personal Assistants.

Hebrew and Spanish are two of Adam’s additional languages. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

Adam started his first business at the age of 20, according to TLSummits.com. It was a high-end vehicle repair shop. He was able to expand it to five sites and make it a well-known DFW brand.

Fans Swoon Over Adam’s Good Looks And Riches

After the most recent show, many Love Is Blind viewers found themselves smitten with Adam.

“Alexa’s dad is sooo handsome,” one fan wrote.

“What does Alexa’s dad do cus that house babyyyy,” a second fan said.

“Yooo Alexa’s dad basically said they are rich and you need to make sure you’re rich too. Lol Brennan handled that convo well. I love him,” a third fan noted.

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