Are Alexa and Brennon From ‘Love Is Blind’ Still Together Now?

Brennon Lemieux, a 32-year-old engineer and Alexa Alfia, the owner of an insurance agency, are the first couple in Love Is Blind season 3 to get engaged. They are the first of five couples in this season who agree to get married without ever seeing each other. In a live interview, Brennon says, “Alexa is making me believe in this process.” In the next scene, he asks Alexa to marry him: “Every day of my life, I want to do whatever I can to make you happy… Will you become my wife?”

Alexa and Brennon finally meet in person at the start of the second episode. This is the first big reveal of the season. (Alexa says it best: the first thing she says when the doors open is, “What the fuck?”) Brennon asks Alexa out again and she says yes again. In a live interview, she says, “I have no words.” “Like, of course, I’m very happy.”

What Happened To Alexa and Brennon on ‘Love is Blind’?

The first four episodes of the season, which came out on Netflix on October 19, show Alexa and Brennon’s journey from the pods to Malibu, where they spend their first real-time together as an engaged couple. Alexa and Brennon seem to be one of the most promising couples from what we’ve seen so far, but episode four gives us a hint that things could go wrong.

Alexa and Brennon
Alexa and Brennon

Alexa tells Brennon that her family doesn’t hold back when they talk about themselves— “Even with the kids, we’re like, “Stop being such a f***ing p****y right now.” Brennon looks a little worried and says, “With our kids, I’m definitely like, “Sit up straight for every meal.” You understand what I mean?” 

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Are There Any Hints That Alexa And Brennon Are Still Together?

We still have seven more episodes and a reunion to go in this season, so we won’t be able to hear from the couple themselves until the whole show is over. All we know is what we’ve learned from light to medium Instagram stalking, which includes a few details that could be signs of a happy marriage or proof that we’re making too much of this.

First of all, they aren’t following each other right now, which could mean they aren’t together. They could also be together but not follow each other for some other reason. Brennon isn’t the most active person on the platform; his second post after announcing Love Is Blind is 15 weeks old. Also, it looks like Brennon does hang out with some of Alexa’s friends, so the two are at least friendly because of that.

Alexa’s Instagram is full of pictures she took with her friends when they went out. There are also a lot of posts of her at what look like romantic dinners while someone takes photos of her. We can’t see who took the picture, but it might be Brennon. Several of the captions on her Instagram posts from the last few weeks have also been changed. For example, the caption on one post from June was changed a week ago to say, “So this is love.” She might have had to take out some references to a partner. Something to consider.

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