Adam Rich Cause of Deαth Confirmed After 5 Months

The cause of deαth for Adam Rich has been determined.

Rich d!ed on Jan. 8 as a result of “fentanyl effects,” according to a report from the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office. According to the report, he d!ed in an accident.

Rich was only 54 when he has discovered deαd inside his home earlier this year. His deαth was initially postponed for further investigation, but law enforcement officials told TMZ that there was no evidence of foul play when the actor’s body was located.

Rich was most remembered for his role as Nicholas Bradford in the 1970s television drama Eight Is Enough, the youngest child of Tom Bradford (Dick Van Patten) and his wife (Diana Hyland).

Other notable appearances include ABC’s Code Red in 1981 and Dungeons & Dragons in 1983, in which he voiced the young wizard Presto the Magician. He also participated in the TV movies Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion and An Eight Is Enough Wedding in the 1980s.

Adam Rich Cause of Deαth Confirmed After 5 Months

He quipped to PEOPLE that he’d gotten “a lot less cute” since the original series because he was 18 at the time the movies began filming.

Rich’s Eight Is Enough co-stars mourned his loss in the days after the news broke and said they maintained close relations with the child star as an ad*lt.

Willie Aames, who played Rich’s brother on the family program, expressed his feelings over their connection in an emotional Facebook post. “This morning, [my wife] Winnie woke me with the heartbreaking news of Adam Rich’s passing,” he wrote. “I’m gutted. Adam was more than just a coworker. He was essentially my only younger brother. “A friend for life.”

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Aames also revealed Rich was pondering a return to acting before his deαth in another section of the statement. “These last few years Adam had dreams of renewing his career. He was one of those kid actors that our generation will always remember.”

Costar Grant Goodeve told PEOPLE that spending time with Rich “inspired” him to consider fatherhood.

“During the Christmas week of 1977, my wife Debbie and I took Adam back to our family homes in Vermont,” he explained. “We had a great time and he was big hit with all our family and friends!” he says. “We also taught him to ski, which he picked up very quickly. We were so inspired by our time with Adam that Debbie and I decided we wanted to have children and we were married the next spring.”

Betty Buckley, Adam Rich’s on-screen stepmother, also paid tribute on Instagram, writing,  “Adam Rich was a light and my young pal for the four seasons I was blessed to work with him on Eight Is Enough. I adored him and loved working with him in our scenes together on the show. He was so sweet, funny, fresh and natural. He brought a lot of joy to all of us on the show and to our audiences. Adam and I have remained friends all of these years. His love and support have always meant a lot to me.”

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